Had to Call Old Doc


Had to Call Old Doc

As I had mentioned in my Sunday Seven Post, Patch has been having the shakes/trembles again. We took him to Doc C last Saturday, but Doc C wasn’t in. We saw Doc M. Anywho, I called New Vet Monday and Ms. C told me that both Docs have discussed Patch and said I could come in for an x-ray if I wanted to. I asked her, “Didn’t Old Doc do an x-ray of Patch’s nose”? She said that he did but they didn’t receive those results and that I would have to pick up the x-ray from Old Doc.

Great. This meant I had to call Old Doc. I called Doc H Monday afternoon. I called and Lady answered the phone. I asked her if Doc H had returned from surgery. She said yes. I told her that I thought he was going to call me back and asked if I could leave a message for him. She put me on hold and got him on the phone. Aaaaahhh.

So Doc H got on the phone. I told him about all of the confusion with the other Vet in his office: Her asking me if it ws B-Cell or T-cell, me calling back to talk to him and being told he wasn’t there, me asking about the B-cell or T-cell, being told other Doc didn’t know and she would have Doc H call me when he returned. Yada Yada.

I explained to him that I felt I had to get another opinion since I was getting questions from there that weren’t being answered and since he wsa out due to his own personal surgery. I told him New Doc did a biopsy of a lymph node and that it wasn’t lymphoma. He told me that they hadn’t done a biopsy of a lymph node (just the fatty tumor-now he explains it-lol) because it was a serious procedure. (Patch’s lymph node biopsy was easier than the fatty tumor biopsy-IMO). I told him that I need the x-ray so New Doc could analyze it. He said that was fine.

He was very nice. I asked him how he was recovering from his surgery and we chit chatted. This was hard. He is a family friend and has been with Patch for almost 10 years. I really didn’t want any hard feelings. He told me to let him know how everything goes and to keep him posted. Whew! Got that over with.

For those of you that may not know what is going on: Feel free to catch up on Patch or find out about Patch’s roller coaster journey by reading my Dog’s Page and reading the posts about Patch.

*I am way behind on replying to comments. This Blog Party and my daily memes are keeping me busy~besides my day to day craziness. I will try to catch up this week!*


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  1. Apropos of nothing, my old Doberman, Garth, shook like crazy…but always just before a thunderstorm. My sister-in-law whose dog had epilepsy would freak out when Garth would start trembling.

    Patch doesn’t like thunderstorms either. This shaking/trembling is when he is just lying there. Something is wrong: pain, worry, stress, depresion…just not sure!

  2. I will be glad when they finally get down to the nitty gritty and find out what is wrong with this baby so they can treat him appropriately.
    BTW, I found someone at the blog party that you must check out–she is a second grade teacher and they had Dr. Seuss week too and she has pictures!
    Love the camel hump day picture.

    Me too! I went and checked out her site-loved it!

  3. I bet it was sort of hard calling old doc. :/

    Yes it was. I was so nervous~but it turned out ok…for now!

  4. Well, I hope they can get everything straightened out! LOVE his bed set up! Is that a potbelly bear? I have one of those from when I was little. How funny! My dog would tear that to shreds. 😉

    This is just his ottoman! That bear was mine when I was a child-lol! He loves to lay on it! He also has his own real bed (my Dad’s-Grandpa) and our bed-lol! He also has his own couch, but he hasn’t been on it for a long time!

  5. Oh, no…not again. I am sorry to hear that. I will check back to see how Patch is doing.

    I hear that shaking is from pain, but what do I know?

    That is what I hear too. Miss C at New Doc’s also told me it could be nerves, anxiety, or depression. It’s something-I do know that-lol! I also have to remember he is 11 years old. I just wish we could pinpoint this. Everything has been going pretty good-getting off of that roller coaster and here we go again. So emotional!

  6. I know you are glad to get that done with your old doc. It is hard but you have to do what is best for you and Patch.
    It is so frustrating to have to go through all that you have.
    Hope it gets better soon.

    Angie~you are awesome! Thanks so much for being here during all of this! I really do appreciate your friendship, kind words, thoughts and prayers!

  7. I’m sorry Patch is not doing well again. Keep us posted.


    Thank you! I will! LYMI!

  8. Is he still shaking today? I wonder what is going on with him. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had PET scans for pets? 🙂 Hope he is doing better today. At least you got the awkwardness out of the way with the old vet.

    He shakes on and off! Whew~so glad talking to Old Doc is over-for now! We are wondering if Patch is in pain or is really having anxiety troubles-very common in older dogs. Dogs are consider to be older when they are seven. I don’t want him to be on pain meds if he isn’t in pain. We are going to try another medication for anxiety (still researching it-Patch doesn’t have many of the symptoms this is used for). The drug is Selegiline HCL. Do you know anything about this drug? I just went to get it today. We are also about to put him on a strict diet~diet food and treats with no scraps or tosses. This is gonna be so hard! We believe the extra weight isn’t helping him and might be causing some pain. It sure isn’t helping any! Whew~I should have just posted-lol! Thanks for coming over and checking in on Patch!

  9. Hey sweetie! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had time to catch up on my world, and I was sad to hear about Patch — things had started to look good the last time I was here. I’m so sorry Patch is having more difficulties. I’m still keeping him (and you and your lovie) in my prayers.

  10. Hi : )
    Just checking up on Patch – hope you get some answers real soon – he’s been through so much! Hey, I took the websites for kindergarteners off your school page – I’m definitely going to have my son check them out – we’ve only been on PBS kids and cartoon network. Oh, and what a relief for you to get that old doc conversation over with – one less thing to worry about : ) Good luck with Patch!

    Thanks for checking in. He isn’t doing well again. It’s like we are at the beginning again. Shakes/Trembles and sores are back. He has gotten sick twice this week-right after I have given him a pill.?? I’m glad you went to my class site and I hope you enjoy those links! You need to start a blog and join us. Thanks for caring about me & Patch! Hope things are getting better!

  11. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    Thank you for stopping by!

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