What’s Your Favorite?


Saturday Special #3

~What’s Your Favorite?…~

1. Favorite Time Of Day?: Early Morning. I get a lot done in the mornings before work. I also get to see the sunrise with Patch when we go for out in the mornings.

2. Favorite Day Of The Week?: Saturdays. I usually get to spend the day with Patch laying around the house.

3. Favorite Month Of The Year?: June~almost summer and usually great weather.

4. Favorite Type Of Weather?: Warm. I do not like cold weather at all! I love warm sunny days!

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5 Responses

  1. 1. Early morning
    2. Thursday
    3. September
    4. Low 70’s and SUNNY! =)

    We have the morning and weather in common! I can’t wait ’til your blog party! I’m having so much fun!

  2. We both love Saturday. It’s usually the time when I’m able to spend time with my Family.

    Woohoo! Thanks for coming over!

  3. Thisis a fun post!
    I like:
    1. Mornings
    2. Saturday
    3. April or May, before it gets so hot
    4. coolish, spring weather. I really don’t like hot hot summers

    Woohoo! We both like mornings and Saturdays. I like mild summers~definitely not the drought we had last summer!

  4. I posted this meme on my blog, but I did it on Sunday. 🙂 I’m still getting used to the memes. I have been keeping some other lists. 😉

    Thanks for playing! I gotta a lot of reading to do at your place. Will do these next few days!

  5. I messed that up somehow. oops! http://bloggingiszen.blogspot.com

    Oops! I figured it out~but it’s good to post it for other readers too. *wink*

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