1. What was the first board game you remember playing?

Oh my~I’m not really sure about this. It was either Sorry, Backgammon, or Checkers.

2. When you last played a crossword puzzle, did you look up any of the answers before you finished?

Yes I did! I have no patience with crossword puzzles. 🙂

3. Did you ever own a Rubik’s Cube? If so, were you ever able to solve it on your own?

Yes, I did own a Rubik’s Cube. No, I was never able to solve it on my own-lol!

4. Take the quiz: What Kind of Puzzle Are You?

You Are a Crossword Puzzle

You are well read, and you have a good head for remembering facts.You are a wordsmith.

You have a way with words, and you’re very literate.

You are a mysterious person who enjoys dropping little clues every now and then.

5. You decide to buy yourself a jigsaw puzzle: what kind of image are you most likely to buy: a landscape, an image of an animal, a sports hero, or a shot from a popular movie?

It would be images of landscapes or animals!

6. Have you ever tried Sudoku? How easy did you find it (or would you think you would find it) to be?

No I haven’t. I need to though. Jedd’s brother plays Sudoku all of the time.

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