The art of symbolically representing dancing

Onesome: Choreography: What do you choreograph in your life? Your morning routine? The dinner ritual? How you study? What is ‘designed’ by you?

I design my Kindergarteners’ week day daily lives. I choreograph what we will be doing each day for each child. I have to ad-lib often and be prepared for many changes in our choreographed routines.

Twosome: The art of symbolically: Art? Hmmmm… Sure, what do you like to have? …or do you? …but how about that little symbol you keep on your desk or headboard? The one you keep because??? I mean, if you can share that…

I listened to a great speaker once at an inservice. He talked about the “frogs” we meet. People that might be difficult or looked down upon. He was discussing children, co-workers, and anyone in general. He said we should try to say kind words or do acts of kindness for these “frogs” and see what happens. He gave each of us a tiny rubber frog for us to place somewhere where we will remember to try to “Kiss a Frog” each day. I have my Yellow Rubber Frog on my computer desk so that I can see it each morning and remember to “Kiss a Frog” each day.

Threesome: representing dancing: No, not ‘do you dance?’ (although that’s fine too!); rather, which type(s) of dancing will you stop and watch for a moment? Ballroom? Swing? Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey?

I will stop and watch almost any kind of dancing! I love watching dancers and routines. I wish I had learned to dance when I was younger. Maybe I will take up some free classes in the near future.

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2 Responses

  1. I liked your answers to each ‘some especially the frog one! I’ve seen that in action.

    Can you remember his name? Dave something! I have his book: Sticks and Stones. He was an awesome, fun, and lively speaker!

  2. Cute post and cute meme. Good answers!

    Thanks! I’ve been so busy~I gotta catch up on my posts-lol!

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