10 Favorite Drinks


Ten on Tuesday #2

10 Favorite Drinks

  1. Water

  2. Water with Crystal Light flavors

  3. Apple Juice

  4. Lemonade

  5. Grapefruit Juice

  6. SunDrop

  7. Cherry SunDrop

  8. Coffee (with liquid flavored creamers)

  9. Bud-Light

  10. Margaritas & Strawberry Margaritas

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6 Responses

  1. That is a yummy list, but I don’t know what Sun Drop is. I’m guessing it is a canned drink? I like the name of it. So far so good on the NaBloPoMo!

    SunDrop isn’t everywhere. It is kinda like Mountain Dew~but much better. I thought of you when I saw the Iditarod on the news last night!

  2. I stole your meme! I posted it on my non-MK blog. 🙂 http://bloggingiszen.blogspot.com

    You didn’t steal it~It’s a public one-Ten on Tuesday! But since you think you did~you gotta play my Wednesday meme at Mercedes Rocks tomorrow: http://www.mercedesrocks.wordpress.com. Love Ya!

  3. You are thinking up great lists for NaBloPoMo lists theme! I love water, coffee and apple juice and my husband (diabetic) drinks tons of Crystal Light.

    Well, I had some help from you and from memes-lol! Thanks!

  4. OK, you got a DEAL!

    Great! And you gotta get 5 more to play too-lol! Just Kidding! Toodles!

  5. Here’s mine! OOPS I forgot water! oh well…


    Oh well~it’s a given! Great List!

  6. I’ll just do mine right here in your blog. 😀

    1. Water
    2. Diet coke caffeine free
    3. Sprite zero
    4. freshly squeezed orange juice
    5. 7 up
    6. Merlot
    7. Water
    8. Water
    9. Water
    10. Water

    I’m not very adventurous in the drinks department.

    LOL~I had to think a little and I rarely drink alcohol anymore, but thought I would add those last two anyway. Thanks for playing. I gotta visit your site more often. Just haven’t wanted to tell all about certain things about me-if ya know what I mean. Love ya Chicadee!

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