Desktop Shortcuts

Desktop Shortcut Icons On My Computer

  1. My Computer

  2. My Documents

  3. Beauty Advisor

  4. IfranView

  5. Filezilla

  6. Adobe Reader 8

  7. Adobe Photoshop

  8. Komposer

  9. Nvu

  10. Arachnophilia

  11. WORD MSOffice 2007

  12. EXCEL MSOffice 2007

  13. POWERPOINT MSOffice 2007

  14. PUBLISHER MSOffice 2007

  15. Solitaire

  16. Internet Explorer

  17. Mozilla Firefox

  18. LimeWire

  19. Windows Media Player

  20. Recycle Bin


3 Responses

  1. I might have to do this one… although should I use my work cmputer or my home computer?

    One for each-lol!

  2. Great list for NaBloPoMo! Interesting.

    Thanks. You inspired the idea!

  3. That is an interesting list! Great for NaBloPoMo. What is LimeWire?

    Limewire is a file-sharing client. I use it to download music to my Media Player.

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