Plans For This Week


Sunday Seven #2

What I Will Be Doing This Week

Today is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. This week is also Read Across America Week. In honor of these two events, Our school will be having our Book Fair and celebrating Dr. Seuss and Read Across America all week with many different activities We will also have many Guest Readers visiting our school this week.

  1. Sunday: Jedd and I will do the usual and go to his parents’ house for Sunday Dinner. We always come home and get a Sunday nap in. Later , I will get some more ideas (from the internet) for lessons to do this week.

  2. Monday: Hat Day in honor of The Cat in the Hat. Woohoo~I won’t have to worry about how my hair looks today. My class will be listening to two guest reader: A School Board member and a local Judge.

  3. Tuesday: Crazy Sock Day in honor of Fox in Sox. Our class will be listening to one guest reader: a doctor.

  4. Wednesday: Dress as your favorite character from a book. The book doesn’t have to be a Dr. Seuss book. I am dressing up as Thing One. 🙂

  5. Thursday: Crazy Hair Day. I am going to have my cousin braid my hair in many braids like she does her daughter’s. Too Cool! We will be listening to one guest reader: our Principal. I believe we will make Green Eggs and Ham today. Yummy!

  6. Friday: Tacky Day. Thank goodness this comes after Crazy Hair Day. I believe I will wear some hawaiian print shirt, multi-colored striped capris, crazy mix-matched socks, and two different colored crocs. Will that be tacky enough? We will be listening to two guest readers: one will be a State Representative (an old classmate of mine~great-on tacky day-lol).

  7. Saturday: Whew! I will do the usual~house clean and relax.

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4 Responses

  1. Next week sounds like fun in your class! Our librarian has decorated the library so cute for this event. Our school will also have a book fair this month. My class will start tracking the Iditarod this week. It started on Sat. Each student has a musher and will keep a chart of his progress. We will feed of it for math, social studies, character and reading. Have a great week.
    How is Patches?

    Tracking the Iditarod sounds like fun! We think Patch is having anxiety due to his age! I got a new med for him but haven’t started yet-still contemplating it! Jedd thinks Patch is anxious because he might be slowly losing his site??

  2. Just stopped by to say hi. You’re a crazy woman with all these blogs and articles. Whew!

    LYMI! =)

    Howdy! Gives me something to talk about and a post a day for NaBloPoMo. I just have 2 blogs~and the other is kinda slow right now-lol! LYMI:)

  3. Quite a week you have scheduled! Will you post a pic of crazy hair day?

    Thanks! Will do~still not sure what I am gonna do right now~hopefully I will still get my cousin to do my hair. It, might be blue, since I will be Thing One or Two on Wednesday-lol!

  4. Meeting your old classmate on tacky day. Heehee Hilarious. You sound like a fun teacher.

    Gonna be funny! I try to be fun-it’s hard this year!

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