13 Phrases Patch Understands


Here is another meme I will be participating in on Thursdays. I like this one because it has you list things. This will be great for March’s NaBloPoMo. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday Thirteen #1




Thirteen Phrases Patch Understands

1. No~Sit~Stay

2. Go to bed

3. You gotta stay with Momma

4. Grandpa’s here

5. Daddy’s home

6. Wanna go for a ride?

7. Get out of there!

8. Wanna go outside?

9. Get your baby

10. Wanna treat?

11. Let’s go to the creek!

12. Where’s Daddy? (playing hide ‘n’ seek)

13. I love you (he “talks” back to me)


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8 Responses

  1. Does he howl-talk or what does he do? My one dog is almost mute — he rarely talks. But the little girl dog is yappy lol I’d love a dog that talked to &/or with me!

    I’m up here and here too.

    He howls when I start a little howl and he ruffs and arrrr’s a lot. It’s hard to put in words! I need to learn how to use one of my camera’s and learn to video tape him~and soon! Thanks for stopping by! Going to check yours out!

  2. Yep, ours plays dead when ever someone says BANG, and he can pray….

    Have a great Thursday! Come on over and laugh at my thirteen, but not too hard!

    I know another dog that can do that. My lab I used to have would give a high five! Ok~I can only imagine what you have over there-lol! Coming over in a bit!

  3. Wow! #13 is the best. Happy TT.

    I love it the best too! Thanks for stopping by! I will cruise by soon! Happy TT!

  4. So cute. My dogs understand stuff I say too.

    Don’t you just love it? A bird is a bird; A fish is a fish; and a dog is a person~I have a sweatshirt that says that-lol!

  5. Mary understands…Yote not so much, I guess she is still a puppy.

    She will learn-lol! WOOF!

  6. My dog just looks at me like I am stupid is that normal?

    LOL! I believe so! Thanks for visiting! Come back anytime!

  7. These are great! My dog understands about the same.

    Cool beans! Thanks for stopping by! The door is always open! WOOF!

  8. Nice list. Welcome to TT!

    Thank you! I read yours but haven’t commented yet. Thanks for coming over! My door is always open!

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