Alphabet Soup


Thursday Threesome #1 (officially)

Alphabet Soup


Onesome: A–ny place but here? Are travel plans looming for Spring break? …or are you staying home?

I’m sure we will be going somewhere~just depends on Jedd and the store. If we go anywhere, it will probably be to tunica or gatlinburg, but my dream is to go to the East Coast and check out some lighthouses.


Twosome: B–etter to look in the mirror before you leave? Have you ever discovered (say around mid-day) that your clothes really didn’t match up?

I do! I always check my shoes~afraid my shoes won’t match. I always feel my shirt to make sure the tag is in the back~I’ve made the mistake of having a shirt on backwards. Thank goodness no one could really tell and I caught it right after I got to work. I also double check these two things as I get out of my car at work. LOL


Threesome: C–atch any good movies lately? What should we go see now that the Oscar’s are done and over for another year?

We rent movies so we are a tad bit behind on what is new & good~we just wait until it comes out on DVD.


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13 Phrases Patch Understands


Here is another meme I will be participating in on Thursdays. I like this one because it has you list things. This will be great for March’s NaBloPoMo. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday Thirteen #1




Thirteen Phrases Patch Understands

1. No~Sit~Stay

2. Go to bed

3. You gotta stay with Momma

4. Grandpa’s here

5. Daddy’s home

6. Wanna go for a ride?

7. Get out of there!

8. Wanna go outside?

9. Get your baby

10. Wanna treat?

11. Let’s go to the creek!

12. Where’s Daddy? (playing hide ‘n’ seek)

13. I love you (he “talks” back to me)


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