Ten On Tuesday


I’m trying out a weekly meme each Tuesday. This is Ten on Tuesday. It’s a list meme where one lists ten things that go along with that Tuesday’s theme or question. Hope you enjoy!


10 Movies That You’ve Intended to Watch, but Haven’t


  1. Gone With the Wind

  2. An Affair to Remember

  3. The Shawshank Redemption (have seen bits and pieces)

  4. Jersey Girl

  5. The Bourne Ultimatum

  6. The Last American Hero (based on the life of Junior Johnson)

  7. Brian’s Song

  8. We Are Marshall

  9. Bobby Jones

  10. The Bucket List


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8 Responses

  1. oh I watched # 10 and I love it! # 5 is also a hit with me…great list. I may do this with my thursday 13 list.

    I have been trying to check out Thursday 13, but the site has been out of order-lol! If you like memes, check out my new blog where I will be hosting two memes. Mercedes Rocks: http://mercedesrocks.wordpress.com/! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. oh I just seen me on your blogroll…I’m a buddy! woo who!

    Woman! You’ve been there ever since we met! Crazy girl! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey, I hope all is well!!! I wish I had time to watch movies…well I could if I wasn’t on the net..hahah…have a great day!!

    Sounds like me too, Winnie! Hope you had a great day! I’ve been busy~on the net-lol! I have another blog that I am hosting two memes on. Check it out~Mercedes Rocks: http://mercedesrocks.wordpress.com/! Love ya girl!

  4. You have got to see Gone With The Wind. I hear The Bucket List is a “tear jerker”.

    You know, I . Isn’t that a shame.

    I will now that I have it documented-lol! No “Tear Jerkers” for you!

  5. I watch parts of Gone With the Wind almost every time it is on. i love it. I also like Shawshank Redemption and An Affair to Remember. I want to see the Bucket List too. I love memes!

    I’ve gotta catch up with you-lol! I am addicted to memes right now. Check out my new site for two memes I will be hosting at Mercedes Rocks: http://mercedesrocks.wordpress.com/

  6. I Love gone with the wind. Brian’s song is a true story. I remember my throat hurting.. 🙂 I love movies, especially the chick flicks, romantic comedys that make me feel good. But then when you need an excuse to cry, it’s a great release. 🙂
    loves ya girl 🙂

    We are so much alike! I have seen bits and pieces of Brian’s Song on tv. Jedd always talks about it! Lifetime Movie Network on the weekend: great release! 🙂

  7. Sorry about all the smileys. I did not realize I had all of them. Whoo Hoo.. I suffer from CRS.

    🙂 Smileys 🙂 are 🙂 wonderful! 🙂 Better than it being turned upside down! 🙂 LOL! 🙂

  8. […] Madness…and the Thursday thirteen.  Mercedes had a fabulous idea on her Ten on Tuesday post to make a list of some of the movies that she would like to see but, she hasn’t found […]

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