Need Your Input

OK~need some advice and input from ALL of you: I have had another WordPress account for some time ( I just had that account pointing to this account. I also have my own domain: I just had it pointing to this WordPress account too. 


I believe I want to use the mercedesrocks WordPress account to create my own memes and have my own domain at point to that account. I have two memes I want to create and start:

  • Scrumptious Sunday: where we list our Scrumptious Sunday Dinner, or a list of any scrumptious dinner, recipes, pictures. I might also have a question or something to go along with it.

  • Hump Day Humor: Where we post humorous stuff (email forwards, funny pictures, or funny personal stories) on Hump Day~Wednesday. I might also have a theme each week.


If I do this:

  • Would you be interested in viewing?

  • Would you be interested in partcipating in these daily memes?

  • Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, views, and opinions. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thank You!

more about memes

5 Responses

  1. If scrumptious sunday included the recipe to go with it, then YES!

    Hump Day Humor…*snort* COUNT ME IN!

    Yeah~I thought of that too! Woohoo! I need to chat with you~I am going to messenger now-hope you’re on! LYMI!

  2. First of all, I want your secrets on time management!!!! Wow! You put this old chick to shame with your dedication and enthusiasm. You go girl! I don’t know that I would be able to participate on lots of things but girl that Sunday supper looks MIGHTY FINE! Maybe I could pop in and out, if that would be okay. I’m REALLY serious about time management lessons…I need those BAD! Deb

    WOW! I am so late responding! I’m not sure if it is time management or procrastination on more important things-lol! We would love to have you join in on these memes. This Sunday (3-16-07) the theme is casseroles! Come on over!

  3. I don’t participate in carnivals and very few memes. The only reason is because I blog about dogs, so the only Scrumptious Sundays I can write about would be kibble, dehydrated dog food and peanut butter treats.

    I only participate in Memes if I can turn it around to where my dogs can participate.

    I also don’t participate in them because although you get a lot of traffic to your site, you don’t really get the comments or repeat visits. Everyone just “visits” your site, comments and hope you will visit yours. I have a girlfriend that participates in two a week. She gets traffic to very few comments.

    Maybe Hump Day Humor once in awhile, if I can find some nice dog stories.

    I completely understand! I do the memes because I really enjoy them-right now. You are so right about the comments though!

  4. I would probably do it once in awhile. 🙂

    You better! Or I’ll sick Patch on you! LOL~Patch wouldn’t hurt a flea-well maybe a flae and some small animals (squirrels, rabbits, birds…! LOL!

  5. Sounds fun. the Sunday one sounds great–I would love to see pictures and posts of great meals.

    I am currently working on this at my other site~I would appreciate any more suggestions from anyone. Check out my other place~still under construction:!

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