It’s On in Tennessee




It’s on in Tennessee! The Tennessee Volunteers (#2 in the Nation) are playing the Memphis Tigers (#1 in the Nation) in men’s basketball in Memphis at the FedEx Forum.


I am not a huge fan of basketball but watch it often since I live with a Sports Nut! I really love watching The Lady Vols play basketball.  I have really enjoyed watching the Tennessee Vols men’s basketball since Bruce Pearl (head coach) arrived on the scene!


Jedd went to play cards and watch the ballgame elsewhere and I am still watching the game.  It is so exciting and intense! Whew! My friend, Gina, lives in Memphis~so we know who she is rooting for: Memphis Tigers-lol. Of course I am rooting for the Tennessee Volunteers, but whatever the outcome~it’s a great feeling to know that the top two teams in the Nation are right here in Tennessee! Woohoo!


6 Responses

  1. Halftime Score: Tennessee 34~Memphis 35. Aaaahhhhh!

  2. 8.8 seconds left: Tennessee 62~Memphis 61! Aaaaaahhh!

  3. Woohoo! We did it! Tennessee Vols are #1!
    Final Score: Tennessee Vols 66~Memphis Tigers 62
    What an intense game!

  4. I actually watched a bit of this game. I have another friend who went to Memphis. I thought of you and your “Vols”–and until last night, I thought they were the “Voles” not the “Volunteers”! LOL Hubby set me straight! It was so close! Congrats to your “Vols”! 😀

    LOL! Tennessee is the Volunteer State~lots of history behind this. That is why it is the Tennessee Vols (Volunteers). Another blog buddy lives in Memphis (dog blog buddies~Gina and Tuffy~Tuffy for President). I’m glad you you were set straight-lol! Love Ya Girl!

  5. Booooo! Just kidding. I’m happy TN won. Since Memphis couldn’t be #1, I’m glad it’s TN.

    I’m sorry! I was in shock! I feel proud to know that we have the best teams in the nation! And I am glad we got to participate together as rivals and friends-lol!

  6. It was a VERY intense game. I was on pins and needles. I thought of you when TN pulled it off. HA

    I was thinking of you too! It was an exciting game and I really can’t believe we pulled it off! You guys put up a great “fight”!

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