The Results Are In


Finally~I have received the results of Patch’s biopsy.  For those that don’t know what is going on: Please see my Dogs Page to read posts about Patch and the up and down roller coaster ride we have been on. Patch in Review really sums up this roller coaster ride. I am going to show you the read out from the lab. There are many terms I do not understand and I will link these terms to my Internet research. This is Chinese to me. I hope you can understand this-LOL!


Description: The submitted lymph node is infiltrated by macrophages and the paracortex and medullary cords are expanded by medium to high numbers of plasma cells. Multifocally, infiltrates of low to medium numbers of neutrophils are also present.

Diagnosis: Lymph Node: Lymphadenitis, granulomatous, diffuse, moderate, with multifocal suppurative inflammation.

Comments: The submitted specimens was most consistent with granulomatous lymphadenitis. The cause was not evident. The low numbers of neutrophils might also have supported pyogranulomatous inflammation that is a finding associated with canine ehrlichiosis. Correlation with the patient history and other clinical findings is suggested to rule out that condition. I did not find any neoplastic lymphoid cells, but continued close observation of this patient would be prudent. A fair and good prognosis is suggested.

Also~during more research, I have found that there are numbers of reasons dogs have enlarged lymph nodes~not necessarily lymphoma.  IMO-just like humans. The diagnosis is much better than the first diagnosis we received: lymphoma.  At this point, it IS NOT lymphoma!  Patch is OFF of the Prednisone and has been for almost three weeks.  Doc C and many others said not to give him Ibuprofen anymore. Patch took Ibuprofen for the very first week this sickness started.  Doc also said not to give him Tramadol right now either. Patch has been off of it for a week.  Doc C prescribed an antibiotic, Tetracycline-100mg, to take twice a day for three weeks. I just want to call Old Doc and ask him some questions, but I believe I will leave it alone.  Your thoughts on this?

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers during this wild and crazy journey. We really appreciate it and you mean so much to us! I am still researching this because it is really confusing to me. I will add links when I find more. I would appreciate any feedback or more info anyone has on this diagnosis.



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  1. It’s good to hear that he doesn’t have Lymphoma. Do you know if Patch has acute or chronic canine ehrlichiosis? Do you have any idea when he will get well?

    As for the first Quack Vet. Leave him alone. Just feel good in the fact that he will never get another dollar from you.

    I had a vet like that. He was a quack.

    Not sure what that is still-or if he has it at all~the results said that due to his history and other findings that was ruled out-?? Good question for Doc C though-thanks. Old Doc was so good for almost 10 years~don’t know what to think now. But, yes I will leave him alone. Makes me wonder about the last 10 years. Ok~not gonna wonder about that. Thanks for your input! Much appreciated!

  2. this report does not indicate he has ehrlichiosis — he rules that out. He does indicate he feels Patch and his condition should be closely monitored for a while. That’s wise.

    Was Patch not on the cancer-starving diet when you thought he had lymphoma? If he was on the cancer starving diet that would totally eliminate skin problems, not cause them because of the reduction of grains and other plant-based carbs. Prednisone suppresses the immune system so that can have an effect. As I mentioned before, it’s great that he’s off that prednisone.

    Great news and wonderful you went to a different vet!


    We will definitely keep monitoring him! As for the skin problems~he has had staph a few times-diagnosis from Old Doc. We never went on a cancer starving diet. It is wonderful that he is off of Prednisone. I just hope that the two months he was on it doesn’t have any major impact on all of this. I am so relieved and glad that I went with my heart to seek a second opinion. I just wish I had done it sooner. Thanks for your input and support during all of this! Much appreciated! WOOF!

  3. Wow! Great news! So after he’s off the antibiotics his lymph nodes should shrink right? You had said that Patch was diagnosed around the same time as my Emmitt – if he had lymphoma, he’d would have been really bad by now. Did the second doc sit down with you and discuss the report? I’m thrilled to find out the results, so happy for you – as for doc#1, I probably would be tempted to send him the report, but it’s pointless, I dumped my vet after eight years – just be thankful you switched, being on Pred. long term could have caused major problems. Yeah Patch!!!! : )

    Yes~it’s wonderful! His lymph nodes already shrunk and haven’t grown even after he got off of the Prednisone. New Doc is great and he explains the reports to me. I also got a copy. I believe I have decided to make a clean break from Old Doc. It’s hard right now~biting my tongue. That is what I am upset about right now: being on Prednisone for 2 months. Aaaaahhhh! Thanks for your continued support! My thoughts and prayers are always with you. Bless You! WOOF!

  4. Ah! At least we’re getting tangible answers now. The Doodlebug family will still be praying for a complete healing for your buddy Patch.

    Love ya!

    I like the way you put it~tangible answers! That is exactly the word I was looking for-for the answers I wanted. Thank you for your prayers! And…Love Ya! Mean It! WOOF!

  5. Oh I’m glad it’s good news for Patch!

    Thanks pppj! Me too! Glad you stopped by! Good Luck to you too on your campaigning! WOOF!

  6. Oh great–it sounds much better than the original diagnosis. I think swollen lymph nodes from an infection is probably common and since he wasn’t treated for that, he didn’t get well. Maybe now on antibiotics, he wil start feeling better. How does he acts like he feels now? It easily could have been a tick though.??? I am so happy. Maybe he will start improving.

    You are so right! Right now~you would hardly know that he has been through what he has been through! Ten babies in the floor, squeeking them now, running, talking, and going for rides! Woohoo! New Doc said possibly a tick. I told him he is an inside dog now and he said he could be from a bite a long time ago. Will be keeping an eye on him and possibly look further into this after the antibiotics. Thanks for your input and all of your thoughts and prayers!

  7. I am glad to hear the good news!! I hope everything else is going good for you!

    Me too~this is great news. Patch has been like a puppy for the last week and a half. There are about ten “babies” scattered on the living room floor. He is talking away and back to playing chase and hide ‘n’ seek with Jedd. Crazy Boys! Of course they have to go on their daily one to two rides too. Everything else is good-I think…I don’t feel too well right now-aaaaahhhhh. Please do not let me get sick-Please do not let me get sick!

  8. What a great report!!! I’m so glad to know the outcome. “itis”, which is defined as inflammation of, in this case of the node and surrounding tissue, warrants the antibiotic therapy, since the causative factor (reason) is unknown as to what caused the “itis”.to begin with. Hurray for something treatable! I say that the Old Doc needs to fine tune his diagnosing ability and maybe not presume that an enlarged lymph is cancerous, as is often the case in dogs. I’m proud of your decision making to seek that second opinion. You must be one relieved momma!! Kudos to you and Patch. See Patch, the shadows are falling behind you. Keep walking toward the sunshine fella! Keep the woof up too!!

    Thank you so much for you kind words-as always! I really liked and trusted Old Doc-now I am beginning to wonder. I must say that now I DEFINITELY recommend a second opinion for animals and humans when it comes to something as serious as a cancer diagnosis. He has been doing great. I’m not saying that there is nothing wrong with him-we know from looking at his history the last 3 months that there is/was something wrong. I just wish he hadn’t been on Prednisone for 2 months~great drug, but not so great when not needed. Believe me~he’s got the Woof up and going. I wish I could record him “talking and singing”. It is too cute! Thanks again for your input and kind words! Much appreciated! WOOF!

  9. Hey, I think Gina’s statement is right on too!! Lymph nodes do become enlarged with an infection.

    Definitely! We know that is true for humans-why not for dogs?! All I did was research lymphoma in the beginning. Now, after this diagnosis, I have been researching and I find lots of causes as to why dog lymph nodes swell. Whew!

  10. Hi girl! So happy to hear that the forecast is not doom and gloom for Patch. What good news for you all!

    Hey! Glad you came by! Yes-things are looking brighter and brighter our way! Please, don’t be a stranger and come back anytime!

  11. I am so glad Patch is ok!! Don’t go talk to that man you would only want to kick him before it was over!! You could write him a letter.

    Thanks for stopping by! Yeah~you’re right-I would probably want to kick him-lol! Please come back anytime!

  12. Wow! That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you got the second opinion! I’d love to see him having such a good time after being so sick. That must warm your heart, make you smile and want to sing with him.

    I also think Gina is right. All that is Greek to me also. I’d say to take it back to the vet and get him to explain it more if you don’t feel comfortable.When does he go back for a check up?

    I wouldn’t call old doc, make it a clean break.

    You are difinitely right: warms my heart, keeps me smiling, and we sing great duets-lol! I’m not sure when he goes back yet. Yeah-I think I will just make a clean break too! Thank you, Rusty and Sharon, for all of your support during this! WOOF!

  13. So glad to hear the good news about Patch! Hope he is feeling better every day. Gus & Ridley are thinking about him and wishing him well!!!

    We are happy! He is doing really good right now! Thank you and give Gus & Ridley a big rub down from Patch and I! WOOF!

  14. Mere, I’m glad it is not lyphoma! Hope the antibiotics work!

    Me too! We are hoping too! Thanks for checking in on Patch! THanks for your continued support during all of this too! Much appreciated! WOOF!

  15. I’m so happy to see Patch is OK! Sorry I’m late to respond. I’ve had a rough couple of days. So relieved it’s not lymphoma. Swollen glands are so much easier to deal with, aren’t they? 😉 BIG HUGS!

    Thank you! I understand~if you can’t come all the time-lol. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough couple of days! I hope things are better. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during all of this.

    p.s. Do you work besides selling Mary Kay? If so, you should go around to your co-workers and ask for donations for the 3 Day. That is what a fellow teacher did the other day for Relay for Life. I am sure she probably got a couple a hundred dollars worth of donations! You might also offer products at a discount if someone donates too. Just a thought! I really want you to reach your goal this year!

    Love Ya!

  16. This is such wonderful news! I still can’t believe that vet #1 didn’t do a biopsy, but at this point, I would leave it alone. If you run into him or something and he asks, then I would tell him every last detail. Otherwise, just enjoy the good news!

    This is so great to hear!


    This is unbelievable, isn’t it? Yeah~I’ve decided to leave it alone with Old Doc-kinda hard, but I’m gonna do it! We are really enjoying this wonderful news! Hope things are getting easier for you and your family! Love Ya! WOOF!

  17. Oh what a relief! Leaving it alone with Old Doc is best, just spread the word to other dog owners in your community.

    Whew~we are so relieved! Some fellow teachers have taken their pets to Old Doc. I haven’t talked bad about him, but I just tell them the facts of Patch’s journey. They can make their own opinion of the situation. Thanks for stopping by and your continued support during our wild roller coaster ride!

  18. Yeah, happy news indeed…not lymphoma!!!!

    We’re rejoicing with you, my friend!

    Curious and Missy the Cat

    Thanks so much! I hope you are still planning to do NaBloPoMo in March. If so, you need to get on the blogroll. I haven’t seen you there yet. I’ll be looking for ya! WOOF!

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