Accountable: I was about to reply to your comment and pose this question to you, but I thought I would turn it into a post instead.

Last November, I wanted to participate in NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month, but I didn’t. This year they are having NaBloPoMo for every month~to give more bloggers an opportunity to participate. I know a few of my blog buddies participated in November. I am just wanting to know how it works exactly. My curious mind has all of these questions about the whole process. Do I just post on my personal blog? Or do I have to post here and on my NaBloPoMo Page? Is it important to build my network at NaBloPoMo? There will be themes for each month, but you don’t have to post by the theme. The theme for March is: Lists. Does anyone have any ideas for me on posting about Lists? Topics or Suggestions for Lists?


I am really just looking for feedback about how the process of NaBloPoMo works and any suggestions for Lists Topics. Hope to hear from you! Thanks!