Happy Birthday~Jedd

Scrumptious Sunday #1 


Today is Jedd’s Birthday.  We always go to his parents’ house to eat Sunday Dinner, but today it was also a Birthday Celebration.  And boy, did his Mom cook it up right.  Here was the menu for Jedd’s Birthday Dinner~Southern style and most of it homemade (veggies from the garden) of course:

Dinner: (mexican layer dip with tortilla chips) Boiled Country Ham – Turkey – Chicken – Dressing – Creamed Potatoes – Sweet Potatoes – Corn – Green Beans – Noodles – cranberry jelly – Fruit Salad (apples mainly) – Pineapples on Lettuce with cheese and sour cream on top – rolls – and of course sweet tea!

Dessert: Jedd’s favorite~Coconut Cream Pie with Meringue (His grandmother made it) and Chocolate cake made with pudding with Hershey’s with almonds candy bars melted on top with Vanilla ice cream on the side.



These are pics I found that look just like the desserts we had (not originals).  And I wonder why I can’t lose weight-lol! Happy 43rd Birthday, Jedd!  We love you!  Patch and Mere

13 Responses

  1. This is more like a Thanksgiving spread. Wow. I want to be adopted. My birthday is in December. 🙂

    OK~I’ll let you know when December Birthdays are being celebrated-hehe. We only have one right now. April is the big month: Mine, Jedd’s brother, and Jedd’s cousin.

  2. P.S. Happy Birthday Jedd!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jedd!!

    I was married on Jedd’s Birthday. 7 years. 🙂

    Congratulations! Did you do anything exciting for your Wedding Anniversary?

  4. ummm… Let’s see. the kids let us sleep until 7:30 but it went down hill from there.

    I ran and emptied the dishwasher, three loads of laundry and cleaned three toilets! I didn’t cook dinner, we had a tons of leftovers.

    Sounds like a normal weekend day for me~minus the kids and only one toilet-lol! Leftovers are great!

  5. Pretty much!


  6. Sounds so great. My Mom makes a coconut pie just like that.

    I bet you have some good Southern cooking down in Memphis too. I know y’all have some great restaurants-haven’t been in person though.

  7. oh wow, all I can say is YUM!

    It was YUM and the leftovers were great too-hehe!

  8. OOOOH. YUM. Send some this way, k?
    I guess I’ll have to post about the toadally awesome b-day cake I made for my FIL now. I made pineapple upside-down cake…

    Sending your way-lol! I love pineapple upside down cake. I need to make one soon.

  9. Happy birthday Jed. That looks wonderful!!

    folkwoman, how ya doing?

    Thank you! It was wonderful-mmmmmmmm good!

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you! I’ve added you to my blogroll~just need to go and comment on yours~already read a lot! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Will they adopt me?

    Sure! They adopted me-lol! Glad to see you here. Come over anytime!

  12. Happy belated birthday!!!!!

    Thank you! Hope all is getting better in your world! Gotta come and comment on your new posts (already read most of them-just haven’t commented-me so sorry)! LYMI!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Mountain Man!! I knew there was gold up there in them there hills — and you had Granny cooking up something….see I told you!! You slick rascal you!!! Running for Prez under an assumed name now, huh? Well, ok – just let me know when we need to get the campaign buttons printed? McCain Hillbama will have to get their double barrels cleaned up to outrace you….you slick devil (hee, hee)!

    You are the best! I absolutely love your humor! I think you should join us here at WordPress. It would be great! Thanks for the birthday wish, humor, and for stopping by! Come back soon now, ya hear?

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