Tuffy for President!


I have been trying to keep up with the candidates and their platforms and I believe I have decided who the best pawlitical candidate for President will be~Tuffy! Tuffy is from Memphis, TN and has a strong platform that I really support. I especially like the idea of FREE pet insurance for everyone. Patch really likes Tuffy’s platform too.  He really likes the idea of treats morning, noon, and night. Of course, we might be a tad bit biased since Tuffy IS from Tennessee!

Check Tuffy’s platform~he is The Best Candidate for the Job.

Many others have already endorsed Tuffy for President, including The Aged Cat, who is also his campaign manager. The Aged Cat also has additional press on the Tuffy Campaign at “Yo Vote!“.

Check out what the Associated Press has to say about Tuffy!

Tuffy’s running mate is Rusty-from Texas.  He is pawsome!

These are all Fine Canines and a Phat Cat!


*will be edited with updated info as soon as I can get my Paws on it! WOOF!

8 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Mercedes and Patches for your confidence in me. I will not let you down. Thanks for the press too.
    Your friend and the best candidate for the job, Tuffy


  2. Way to go guys! TUFFY!

    Woohoo Tuffy…and Rusty! Way to go~you DOGS you! WOOF!

  3. […] read Tuffy’s platform and I think you will agree with The Aged Cat, Jonesy, Sissy,Tinky , Mercedes and me, that Tuffy […]

  4. If ya’ll haven’t heard, Tuffy is ahead in the Dogby Poll!
    We will all see Tuffy at the 2008 National Convention. Are all you Super Delegates Ready?

    He has three votes and three Super Delegates here at Jonesy’s house in California. I think he has all the Delegates in California.

    We are ready over here! He has one vote and one Super Delegate here! I believe he has all of the delegates in Tennessee, too!

  5. Tuffy by far is the best candidate for this important position. See ya at the Convention!:)

    This is so much easier and more fun, isn’t it? LOL! We’ll see ya there! WOOF!

  6. We’re endorsing Tuffy for President too!

    Woohoo! Another voter~Curious~and a Super Delegate~Missy the Cat! Welcome aboard the campaign!

  7. That bored.com is a cool place!

    It sure is!

  8. 3 cheers for Tuffy! rah! Rah! RAH!!!

    Don’t forget his campaign manager. 3 cheers for The Aged! rah! Rah! RAH! WOOF!

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