Patch Loves Wal-mart


Years ago: My ex-boyfriend and I went to Wal-Mart. Back then, Patch rode in the back of the truck. Patch usually always would stay in the back of the truck. We went in and  Ex went to grab a few things and I went my own way to grab a few things. I ran into a lady I hadn’t seen in awhile and began to talk to her. We were towards the front of the store. I looked up and Patch was in the store…and headed right for me. I quickly excused myself from my friend and Ex was coming up right after that. We didn’t say much except for “Oh my gosh”. I quickly handed my stuff to Ex and got Patch by his collar and escorted him out of the store.A man was in the car beside our truck (he was parked in a handicapped place). He talked to me out of his window and said “I’m sorry, I saw him get out, but I can’t get out of the car-I’m handicapped-I couldn’t do anything to help”. I let him know it wasn’t his fault and thanked him for trying to help. Ex came on out and we were on our way.

What Happened: Patch jumped out, saw where we went and he wanted to go too. Well~you know Wal-mart doors-AUTOMATIC. So he ran to the door, the door opened and he was off…to find his mommy of course…and found me quickly~such a good doggy! Maybe he needed to do some shopping too~who knows?


7 Responses

  1. What a cute story bless his heart!

    I have another Wal-Mart story too-lol!

  2. That is a really cute story, I am glad you posted it. Yup, he had some shopping to do. Wanted one of those nifty collars they have a Wal Mart. 🙂

    Thank You! LOL! I got another story I’ll post soon!

  3. I’ll stay tuned…..

    I gotta get the continuation up already!

  4. Maybe Patch was hoping to do some electioneering for Tuffy and saw a likely voter…

    I thought about that after my endorsement of Tuffy-LOL! R U still blogging or just floating around? Hope to see you blogging again, soon! Love Ya! Meow~oops~I mean WOOF!

  5. Floating today; have to work on a 10 oral presentation for Spanish 201 and visiting other people’s blogs is AKA creative avoidance though I do have the UFW web site up on another tab so at least the work is ON my desktop!. Plus, I love visiting everyone!

    But I did get the info on NaBloPoMo and the monthly blogging challenge starting March 1st , so I’m planning to blog every day in March! Probably should dust off the cobwebs in my brain about how to actually post stuff before then, huh?!

    BTW thanks for posting the info on my blog on how to get Tuffy’s campaign materials on there…

    I was just thinking that I wish there was a February challenge, because I have almost posted everyday-LOL! Since you know about how to get pics on your blog~you can pick up your award too-lol! Ok~gotta check out NaBloPoMo and see what it is all about-if I am worthy or not-hehe! Pet Missy for me~since I can’t (allergic). Toodles

  6. How adorable! He’s such a loyal buddy.

    He is!

  7. What a good boy Patch is, he knows where to shop for a bargain.
    My wife has a friend who holidayed in USA some years ago who told her how wonderful Walmart is, Her greatest dream in life now is to visit America so she can go to Walmart.

    WOW! What a dream-lol-jk! I wish we had a Target in my town. I love Target! I guess Wal-Mart will have to do!

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