So Special Award


My good buddy Rusty has bestowed upon me another wonderful award!   Rusty, you and your human Mom are awesome, wonderful, spectactular, and oh so special!  Thank you for yet another wonderful award!  You make me feel so special!

The following bloggers are So Special to me, but have already been given this award from Rusty: 4urpets~Gina & Tuffy                  

All of my Blogosphere are So Special to me! I would like to pass this award on to my Blogosphere of Buddies that are Extra So Special to me. These friends are so special that they will know why I chose them for this Award. In no particular order:  Doodlebug, Eve, Accountable, Curious, along with Missy the Cat, Folkie, Shades of Pink, Winnie, Debbie, Free, and Pink Biz.

Feel free to pick up your So Special Award at any time! You guys are great!



11 Responses

  1. Winnie here!!!!! Thank you my friend! That is so sweet!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!

    You’re Welcome! You deserve this! And~you are the best!

  2. Nice to meet you! And I agree – Rusty and his Mom ROCK!!!!

    And yes, Internet friends are special.

    Nice to meet you too! They do ROCK!!!! You’re pretty special yourself! Loved your haiku~for Rusty and for me! Sometimes internet friends are the Best!!! WOOF! Mercedes~Patch’s Mom!

  3. Thank you Mer! You’re too sweet!

    You’re Welcome! You’re not to bad yourself-LOL! LYMI! WOOF!

  4. Thank you again, you are so sweet! And yes YOU deserve it too because dang it, you are SO special…I love that!

    You’re Welcome! Thank you for your kind words too! I am feelin’ pretty special today!

  5. Thank you so much, Mercedes! I so appreciate it (and you as my friend!) and, well, Missy the Cat wants to give you a whole SCHOOL of fishies just to express her appreciation!

    Psst, exactly how do you pick up the award? No one has ever accused me of being the most computer-savvy person on the planet…is it just copy and paste or something more complex in nature?

    You’re Welcome! You are too funny-ROFL! Click on the pic and save it. Then if you wanna post about it~in your post upload the pic you saved. Let me know if you need more help and/or you wanna put it in your sidebar! Oooohhhh~a SCHOOL of fishies-interesting!

  6. Oh, you mean we have to do something…….oh my!

    Hey girl! Only if ya wanna do something with it! It’s all yours~you choose! Love ya!

  7. What a perfectly wonderful surprise! I am so flattered, and graciously give thanks to you for a special award indeed! You are tops in my heart too! I just love your blog, and want to send a shout (woof) out from me to YOU! Thank you Mercedes!

    Wonderful surprises are called Angel Kisses! You deserve it and you are welcome! WOOF!

  8. Perfect Angel Kisses they are too! A deserving awards tribute over my way for a couple of you very fine ladies! Enjoy!

    Woohoo~I’m so excited! Coming over right away!

  9. Thank you for another award! I will get off my duff and collect it and pass it on… one of these days!

    You’re Welcome! No big hurry. Just know it’s here for you whenever you are ready! You’re special~with or without the pic-lol!

  10. Thanks Mer! *heart*

    You’re so welcome! LYMI!

  11. Mer, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for being such a good friend!

    You deserve it~you are So Special! You’re Welcome & Thank YOU for being such a good friend! WOOF!

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