Valentine’s Day for Dogs

Hey guys! You gotta watch this-it’s great! Let me know if you liked it-or not!

6 Responses

  1. That was great. I liked it.

    Glad you liked! I love your post about Tuffy for President!

  2. Excellent, must pass this along to my sis!


  3. I liked it.. Cute.


    Hey stranger! Glad you’re back and you liked the video! WOOF!

  4. That was a pawsome video. I liked it and so did mom!

    I thought you guys would like it! Happy late Valentine’s Day to you two! WOOF!

  5. That was precious. It’s just how I feel about my two babies.

    Gina, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Give your two babies a scratch from Patch and I! WOOF!

  6. Sweet!

    The Aged is late, as per usual, but wants you to know there’s
    a valentine for you !

    Glad you liked it! The words apply to you too, ya know! Oooohhhh~I feel so special-a valentine for moi? Yippee! Coming over now…

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