You see us every morning,
A common pair are we,
Each on a leash’s ending
My little dog and me.
We amble village byways
In bright or dismal weather;
You may not think there’s much in that,
But we have fun together.

No many-stranded cable
Could bear the jokes that pass
Between my little comrade
And me — my! how we sass!
But how we give assurance
That we don’t really mean it!
(A dog-and-man companionship
Is balm to him who’s seen it.)

He greets his dog friends gayly,
While I to neighbors speak;
He sometimes finds a treasure —
A bone that’s lost its meat!
He talks with dogs or children,
While I swap views with master . . .
I had this thought the other day,
While visiting with Pastor.

“When dog and I have rambled on
Beyond this mundane scope,
And seen the Golden Gateway,
(From the inside, we hope!)
We won’t pause on the highway
Made smooth for feet more sainted,
But wander down some quiet land,
And start to get acquainted.

We hope there’ll be a hydrant,
A friendly tree or two,
Some drying leaves to shuffle,
A field to wander through.
We’ll glory in our freedom,
And need no leash of leather;
It really will be Heaven, Lord,
As long as we’re together.”

John E. Donovan


6 Responses

  1. Now, that’s my kind of poem. It very uplifting.

    It is! The other one is too~uplifting to tears is all. WOOF!

  2. I like the poem, it is sweet!
    That hydrant is to cute!
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you a sweet day!

    Thank You! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  3. now THAT is a fire hydrant! LOL!!

    I actually downsized it a bit-LOL!

  4. That’s such a sweet poem. It’s just how I feel too.

    Glad you likey! Happy Valentine’s Day! WOOF!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

    Thank you my dear friend! Right back at ya! WOOF!

  6. it is uplifting, and Happy belated Valentine Day to ya!
    I have been in an ice storm from H*ll 🙂 no power no internet since Monday until tonight..YEA!!!
    missed you all!


    Right back at ya girl! Flashbacks to the Ice Storm of ’98. Whew! Electricity out for 9 days! Glad you’re back! I missed you too! Love ya! Mere

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