Lots of Spots


These are commercials with dalmatians.

This one is Patch’s twin-lol!

I love this one!

Miller Lite has stole the dalmatians-lol! These are too cute!

C is for Chicken

4 Responses

  1. Those are too funny! I liked the Rocky take off. Too cute!

    Spots Everywhere-lol! WOOF! Who let the dogs out? WOOF-WOOF! WOOF-WOOF-WOOF!

  2. I have seen these–they are so adorable. You know if there is a dog on TV, my radar picks it up and I automatically have to look. 🙂

    No doubt! Especially lots of spots-lol! WOOF!

  3. i too have a dalmation who has been diagnosed about the same time with lymphoma. her name is gidget. she is a stray i found 9 years ago and has very few spots…we found a mass on her nose in december and after surgery, the biopsy showed it to be malignant. i have had her at uga vet school and then on to georgia vet specialists in atlanta. she had her first radiation treatments last week. i brought her home for the weekend and felt so torn for what she is going through. i had to take her back this morning for 5 more treatments this week. all in all she will have 18 treatments. i am not so much into allopathic medicine and have had healing touch and reiki also done on her. she is very healty though and we have found that the lymphoma seems to be localized at this point and not in the nodes or bone marrow. i was so torn though on what to do. the treatments are about 8000.00 and i am blessed to be able to do it. but i hope she thinks i am doing the right thing… i so
    know what you are going through and am sending you and patch love and strength. it is so hard to go
    through and i have 4 other dogs (also strays i rescued).. and they have no idea what is going on with gidget and why she is gone so much…i hated taking her to atlanta this morning and leaving her…hoping for the best for you…and patch

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by and telling me your story! I am so confused. My New Doc said that if there was a tumor in his nose~that wouldn’t be lymphoma~it would be nasal cancer. It sounds like our dogs are two of a kind. So how was the surgery like? I heard it was a difficult procedure, especially for Patch’s age. Bless you with all of the trips and chemo treatments. How is Gidget’s quality of life? Have you been to Eve’s blog? There are a lot of us dealing with this same thing that have become friends at her place. You should check it out. Patch is also a stray that I acquired when he was about 6 months old. Please keep me posted on Gidget’s progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Thanks! WOOF!

  4. i thought the same about not being lymphoma. but that is simply not true. the biopsy always agives the right diagnosis…my vet removed most of the tumor and is was a breeze. she came home the same day. however, he also realized he could not remove all of it and sent off for the biopsy. that is when we discovered it was malignant. then we went to the uga vet school for more tests and discovered that it was lymphoma. since they do not do radiation there they sent me on to atlanta. gidget seemed a little upset friday night when i picked her up for the weekend. she was “talking” a lot and whining. but when we got home she burrowed under the covers and slept. the next day she was out running and playing in the yard. so i was encouraged. she has had only two radiation treatments so i do not know what this weekend will be like after having had 5 more. but i am hopeful and have been giving her a seaweed supplement for toxic radiation cleansing. i think it takes more than just vet medicine to heal…after i had some healing touch done on her the bump on her nose from surgery went down considerably. never underestimate the power of prayer! please keep in touch.

    Diann~thank you for your story. All of Patch’s tests at Old Doc did not say anything about lymphoma. The New Doc actually did a biopsy of a lymph node~which will properly diagnose Patch. As for the “tumor” IN his nose~we will check into that after we get these results back. He has been off prednisone for almost 2 weeks and hasn’t had any nose bleeds or enlargement of lymph nodes. The first week off prednisone, he seemed down and not quite the same~we figured he needed to get back on it. The last two days~he is doing great and we figured maybe it was the adjustment of getting off of the prednisone. Who knows? All I know is this is a very emotional rollercoaster ride. Please keep me posted on Gidget’s progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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