Dog Rules


Dog Rules, hmm…Dogs RULE!!
Author Unknown


1. The dog is NOT allowed in the house. (Mine was: The dog is only allowed in the house when people are home)
2. OK, the dog IS allowed in the house, but ONLY in certain rooms.
3. The dog is allowed in ALL rooms, but must stay off the furniture.
4. The dog can get on the OLD furniture ONLY.
5. FINE, the dog is allowed on ALL the furniture, but he is NOT allowed to sleep with the humans on the bed.
6. The dog CAN sleep on the bed, but NOT under the covers. Patch doesn’t do covers unless I put some over him
7. The dog CAN sleep under the covers by invitation ONLY.
8. The dog CAN sleep under the covers EVERY NIGHT.
9. Humans MUST ASK permission to sleep under the COVERS with the dog! Patch has taken over Grandpa’s (my Dad) room. One time Grandpa came to house sit and he went to his bed along with Patch. Patch hogged the bed and Grandpa ended up on the couch-the rest of the weekend-lol


3 Responses

  1. Ha! Too funny!

    Glad you likey folkie-lol!

  2. This is great…must send a copy to my mom!!! LOL

    Hello! Glad you stopped by! Send away! Stop back by anytime!

  3. This is too funny! Rusty doesn’t do covers either but he loves sleeping on top of the covers with us.

    Your dad has to be a card. I can’t believe he just gave up and moved. That’s cute. Don’t tell him I said that was cute. Being a man he probably wouldn’t appreciate it. My dad wouldn’t. 🙂

    Yeah~Dad is great…give us the chocolate cake…! Me either. Last time Dad did sleep in our bed. I won’t tell him! WOOF!

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