Crazy Friday


 Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted this earlier. I fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. and didn’t budge until 12:30 a.m~Yesterday was a very hard day~nervous~school-wild~and Patch coming home. This is an update on Patch (see Dogs Page~Patch~ to read the whole story) and his  biopsy of a lymph node to determine if he REALLY does have lymphoma.

Thursday Night,February 8: First of all~We scheduled Patch’s biopsy for Friday because Jedd was off that morning.  Well~Thursday night he informs me that he has to work Friday morning. Great! He works from 7:00 – 10:00 a.m. (He has the best hours-Store Owner-lol). Patch is supposed to be at the Vet before 10:00 a.m. Jedd says he can get him there by 10:30 a.m. I tell him there are probably reasons why he is supposed to be there before 10:00 a.m. I am wondering what to do. I call Dad (of course-he’s my right hand man) to see what he can do to help me in case I need him.  Luckily he is coming to town Friday morning anyway to see my Granny (she has been in the hospital all week-she’s 91 years old).  Dad says he can help if necessary. I have to call the Vet to see what I need to do.

Friday Morning, February 9:

7:30 a.m.: This is Patch when I left him to go to school. I loved on him for 5 minutes telling him it would be ok and how much I loved him. He never changed positions~or wagged his tail. *sniff* It was like he knew what he was going to do today. I took this with my cell phone~so I could send it to Dad and show fellow teachers at work.  My phone doesn’t take the best pictures or the operator doesn’t know how-lol.


7:40 a.m.:  Ok~so I am driving to school and call my Dad at to tell him they that I will probably need him (called Vet and no answer~will call back after 8:00 a.m. after I do talk to the Vet) and he starts talking away~I have to cut him off and say I gotta go~school starts now…The beginning of my crazy day!

7:45 a.m.:  I go in school and pick up my kids (supposed to pick up kids at 7:45 a.m.). We go to the classroom and the clock says 7:46 a.m. I am in panic mode because we have announcements and I tell the children doing announcements to drop their things and get in line-panicking thinking we are late. Then I realize we have 5 minutes~or do we?~what time are announcements? I ask a teacher passing by “My mind is blank what time do we  have announcements? 7:55 a.m. I’ve done this every school day for 6 and 1/2 years (minus six days). I am a crazy wreck knowing I have to call Vet in a bit while I am with the kids that I just went delirious on morning routines-aaaahhhh. Plus a child that left on Thursday to go to another school happened to return on Friday for his last day instead of Thursday.  This is great~I have already removed his name from everything. He’s not gonna be happy. I believe I ate a “Bowl of Stupid” this morning. Anywho~announcements~then we go to the restroom.

8:10 a.m.:  I have to stay in the boys’ restroom each time because I have 4 boys and sometimes 2 more that do the most amazing things in there-lol. I ask them to be very quiet as I call patch’s Doc…and they did-WOW! Called Vet and she said it was important that Patch be there before 10:00 a.m. to be sedated and have biopsy before lunch when more appointments arrive. She said to let her know if he had to be late. I called Dad-he didn’t answer-while the boys were being so quiet-oh boy.

8:30 a.m.:  Dad calls while we are in the classroom~children didn’t freeze like they should~wild and crazy this morning. Anywho~I tell Dad I need him to take Patch and I am telling him where the Vet is (that night I realized I  had told him the wrong street) and stumbling on my words-told him to call Jedd if he needed to. Dad texts me in a bit to tell me Patch is at the Vet and he would be ready at 3:30 p.m.

Friday Afternoon: I leave school before the buses leave so I can go home and get Patch’s car and go pick him up. I get to the Vet and I hear him immediately. I tell the lady at the desk that I will get him in the car and then take care of business.  She says that we can do business first and then they will get Patch. Other lady comes out and I tell her “I hear Patch”. She says, “Are you sure, there are a lot of dogs back there. Which one is yours”? I tell her, “The dalmatian”. She says, “Oh, yes your right”. I tell her, “He usually doesn’t bark or even howl that much”. She says, ” Yeah, I believe he started the howling and the rest followed. He was a really good patient”. Then she goes in the back and returns with him. Aaaaahhh~still haven’t taken care of business. I tell the other lady I would be right back.

Getting in the Car: When I took Patch to the car, he tried to jump in and didn’t make it. I was about to go back in and ask the Vet to help me get him in the car when he tried to jump in again. He fell half in and half out and I had to help him in. Aaaahhhh! So I went back in and paid for the visit and waited to speak to the Doc.

Talked to Doc:  Doc came out and told me that Patch was a great dog and patient. He said that in his opinion, if it were lymphoma Patch’s lymph nodes would have enlarged since he had been off of the prednisone for a week.  He informed me of what they did and that the stitches would dissolve. He said to keep Patch on tramadol (he has been taking for pain) and call if I needed anything. We also chit chatted about some of his old school buddies that my Dad is great friends with now. He said the results should be back in about a week and to call in a week if he hasn’t called me.

Drunk Dog: While driving home I kept hearing Patch fall into the seat. I finally looked back and he had decided to sit down and hang his head out of the window. Only took 11 years-lol. When we get home, he jumps out of the car hitting his side on the way out.  Then we walk around the yard so he can go to do his business.  When we come into the house, he stumbles in and about misses the steps going up to the kitchen (2 small steps). This is when I realize that he is “drunk” from the medication.  He walks around and his back legs give in a few times. He runs into his bedroom and tries to jump on his bed and falls off.  He immediately tries again and falls off. Aaaaahhhh. I close all of the bedroom doors so he won’t do this again and he gets on his ottoman after 3 tries and I sit with him so he will not be up and around.


Patch is doing fine. This post has taken me all day-lol. Went to a wedding shower at my Aunt’s house. Then I went to my Granny’s to see her and my Dad.(she just got out of the hospital). She is catching up on rest since you can’t sleep at a hospital. My Dad is staying with her. While I was there, I got to visit with my Uncle who has cancer. He wasn’t at my Aunt’s either because her husband is sick and my Uncle is taking chemo and doesn’t need to be around sickness. TMI-I know…rambling on and on. Fingers crossed for Patchy Poo!

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  1. That WAS a crazy Friday. Only a teacher would make a phone call from the boys restroom! You’re right! Weird things happen in there if they aren’t supervised!

    I had a first grade boy come out of there and say , “He peed on my head!” What could I say? I asked what he was doing down on the floor. Well, he wasn’t on the floor. I asked, “well how did he pee on your head then?” The pee-er said, “I don’t know how i did it. It just got away from me.” I asked nothing else. It has been a good story over the years and even better is that the kid that peed on the other kids head was my husband’s cousin.

    Poor Patch! I hope he didn’t hurt his side much more than it already hurts.It is wonderful that your dad is there to help!

    ROFL! I need this in my “Out of the mouths of Babes” Page. My boys started the year off with a “bang” in the boys’ restroom. Literally: climbing walls, climbing stall walls, “mooning” each other, throwing wet paper towels high on the lights…Patch had his biopsy on his throat/neck area on the side of his head, near his ear. Dad is great! The bad part is he is unemployed~that is why he is always available~which is great right now~but can be costly for me at times-I give him money of course. Anywho~Jedd and Dad spoil Patch. Patch has them wrapped around his paws! LOL!

  2. That sounds good that he doesn’t have swollen lymph nodes!!!!!! So funny about the boy’s restroom. Boys will be boys!

    Thanks! Well~mine are definitely ALL BOYS! Mischievous as can be! WOOF!

  3. What a crazy day you had! Happy to hear Patch is doing well. Can’t wait to hear about the results. 🙂

    No doubt! I can’t wait either. Just met someone else with a dalmatian and she (the dog) has the same symptoms~but is diagnosed with lymphoma. Tumor in nose and everything. My New Doc said the tumor in nose wouldn’t be related. Aaaahahhhh! I am so confused! I sure don’t want to put him through anymore sugeries! Thanks for stopping by! You’re Great!

  4. I have a dog (10 years old) whose been going through Chemo treatment for 9 months for lymphoma cancer. She has the same symptoms of Patch. Please update me on how Patch is doing. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. All my prayers are with Patch and family. I can relate to the heartache. I am still struggling through them as well!

    Bless you! Keep checking in here~this is where I do all of my updates. You should check out my friend, Eve’s place:
    There are a lot of us going through this and have been through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time!


  5. My goodness! You’ve got so much going on with so many to pray for…so prayers for them, Patch and YOU to keep up!

    Thanks so much, Debbie! And that is just my Dad’s side of the family.
    Mom’s side: Aunt recovering from knee surgery, Uncle recovering from a heart attack, Aunt recovering from a hysterectomy, Cousin battling Renal Cell Carcinoma for five years~got it at the age of 14. Whew! But I’m ok-I think-lol! Thanks again for all of your prayers!

  6. Hi Mercedes! It’s been a week now…have you heard anything back from the vet yet? Praying, crossed fingers and toes, etc. that all is well…

    Hey! Thanks for asking! I called New Doc yesterday and the results weren’t in yet. Possibly today or hopefully Monday-Tuesday! I am all crossed with ya-lol! WOOF!

  7. I think that is the craziest day I’ve ever read about! I hope you all get some rest this weekend.

    Yes~it was a crazy day! We didn’t have any major excitement this weekend-resting up and waiting for the results.

  8. Bruno passed away this morning…………

    I am at school on lunch break! Oh-Lee: Bless you! I can’t stop crying! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time! You have been through so much! I apologize for not being around as often as I should. I am back to routinely checking my email. Feel free to email me if you need to talk! *sniff*

  9. To Bruno’s owner, sorry for your loss. I’ve said a prayer for you all. Deb

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