Patch in Review


Symptoms~sickness~vet visits~diagnosis’~and my ramblings

(I created this document to take to the New Doc)

  • Thanksgiving 2007: Patch is sick. He begins trembling/shaking (assumed it was pain)
  • VET-Monday, December 3, 2007: Doc H 
    • Said Patch has arthritis/pinched nerve in back
    • Gave him shot for pain and prescribed one 200mg ibuprofen a day
    • (Nose was slightly bleeding but I thought it was where Patch “fixes” his bed with his nose)
    • Monday night and Tuesday: nose is bleeding more and more when Patch sneezes
    • Wednesday: Patch is sneezing violently and blood is spewing out
  • VET-Thursday, December 6, 2007: Doc H was out-saw Doc R
    • She said might be something lodged in his nose or maybe grass seed…possibly a tumor
    • She prescribed Clavamox-said try first because Patch won’t like tests they might have to do
  • Friday, December 7, 2007: Called Doc H to make sure of what to do-Patch wasn’t doing too good. Doc H said to continue Clavamox (powerful meds) and try to tough it out over the weekend and call on Monday. He also said Patch could take two 200 mg ibuprofen a day.
  • VET-Monday, December 10, 2007: Patch still isn’t better and now has sores on his legs/feet where the bones/joints are. He has already been through staph a few times. Doc H at 8:30 a.m.
    • Called Jedd at 10:30 a.m. and Jedd tells me: “Patch has fatty tumors-Doc H said the one on his neck had grown the size of a golf ball. Has to have x-rays, biopsy of fatty tumor, blood work and a scope in his nose”
    • Tests performed that day:
      • Anesthesia injection-telazol
      • X-Ray Basic – what did it show?
      • CBC with differential
      • Histo/Blasto Lab
      • Tick Serology Panel
      • Jedd brings Patch home and he says: Doesn’t look good…he mentioned a mass in his neck. I’m not sure if he meant another mass or the fatty tumor.
      • Doc H prescribed one 20mg prednisone a day along with the clavamox-no more ibuprofen
  • Following few days: Patch seems to be doing better. Nose isn’t bleeding as much. Still having trouble getting around: arthritis? pinched nerve? medications? Sickness? Does he have various health problems all at once? He seems to have a hard time swallowing and breathing
  • Friday, December 14, 2007: Doc H calls at 4:30 p.m. and tells me this
    • Histo/Blasto test negative
    • The “thing” in his nose is a tumor (cancer)
    • Wants Patch to come in on Monday so he can biopsy sores and biopsy the growth on his lymph node (I thought he said lymph node)
    • Surgery in his nose is really not an option-due to the severity and Patch’s age
  • VET-Monday, December 17, 2007: Doc H
    • Biopsy of shoulder/neck area (shaved with incision)
    • Biopsy of sore on foot (bandaged)
    • Continue prednisone
  • Next few days: Patch seems to be doing worse-incision oozing and more sores with bleeding, still sneezing with blood. He mainly sneezes when he goes outside. Isn’t jumping on bed or getting in car (favorite thing to do). Hard time going up and down stairs. Some difficulty breathing and swallowing.
  • Friday, December 21, 2007: I called Doc H and he says:
    • Sores are not cancerous-just don’t know what they are
    • Tumor (is it a tumor, fatty tumor, tumor on lymph node?) on neck is not cancerous and still waiting on another test result on it.
    • Tumor in the nose-can’t really biopsy it-too difficult and shouldn’t put Patch through it
    • Patch has been in a lot of pain-stayed up two nights with him crying in pain-he couldn’t lay down.
    • Doc H called in Tramadol for pain-50 mg pills-can give one or two twice a day-we give one 50mg Tramadol twice a day.
  • Next few days: Patch has diarrhea. Not sure if it is from the sickness, the meds, or the food we switched him to (canned food)-he was having a hard time swallowing hard food. We switched the food again to chewy kibbles and that seemed to fix the problem. Still sneezing with bloody nose. He is jumping on beds now.
    • I called Vet back to see if the last test result came back and lady said results are the same-what does that mean?
    • Thursday, December 27, 2007: still has sores
  • VET-Wednesday, January 2, 3008: Doc H-5th visit in a month
    • Confirmed it was lymphoma
    • We had felt spots in his neck that were growing (lymph nodes)
    • Doc H felt behind legs and in groin area where more lymph nodes are and confirmed growth there too
    • He also felt Patch’s spleen and liver and informed us they are enlarged too: what does that mean? Shouldn’t an X-Ray be performed to diagnose enlarged spleen and liver?
    • Patch has lost 5 pounds in the last month
  • The following week: Patch improves tremendously. No more nose bleeds-sores are healed up-jumps on beds and goes up and down stairs fine-is getting in car and riding now-walks us instead of us walking him-playing with his babies. I am still confused: Why doesn’t Doc H persuade me to seek an oncologist-maybe because of his age. When I research lymphoma there are different types. Patch has enlarged lymph nodes, something wrong with his nose, and skin problems. Are these all related? What does it mean if his spleen and liver are enlarged? Gotta get a second opinion.
  • Thursday, January 17, 2008: Patch can’t poop. He goes out every 15 minutes and gets in position but can’t poop. I was up with him all night doing this. He did vomit once-outside-thought that might help-didn’t.
  • Friday, January 18, 2008: Called Doc H-spoke to a lady-told her about Patch’s no-poop situation.
    • She said to put grease on his food-bacon-vegetable oil.
    • She said Doc H was going to have surgery-two hernias-he would call if he could
    • Doc R-other vet there-called me that afternoon
      • I asked her: Why hasn’t Doc H told me to pursue other treatments? Is it the stage of the disease? Is it because of Patch’s age? Cost?
      • She explained that I could pursue other treatments but there isn’t a cure and treatments can be costly and have side effects too (went into more detail)
      • Then she asks me: Is it B Cell or T Cell? I don’t know. I told her when she found out to let me know.
  • Next few days: Did the vegetable oil and it worked. Patch can poop now. Researched more. Studied prednisone and prednisolone. Should Patch be on prednisolone instead since prednisone can be hard on the liver and his liver is enlarged? Whatever that means? Called Vet back and asked was it B Cell or T cell. The lady said that Doc R looked at the tests and she couldn’t read them (she is the one that asked me about this and put the question in my head). Lady said when Doc H checked in he would look again and let me know. I have not heard from them since.
  • Monday, January 28: Called new vet-Doc C
  • VET-Thursday, January 31, 2008: Doc C-1st visit:
    • No test results of cancer or lymohoma (went into great detail describing the tests and results) We decided to do the following:
    • stop prednisone and take antibiotic-come back in a week to biopsy a lymph node (necessary to truely diagnose lymphoma)
  • Following Week: Patch is snorting more (not really sneezing)-has had a hard time taking pills a couple of times. Wednesday and Thursday: seems to not be feeling so good. Got sick Thursday night.
    • Nose-snorting
    • Some difficulty breathing (throat?)
    • Has a few sores and two dark spots in lower abdomen/groin area
    • What kind of diet should he be on?
    • Breath and teeth look and smell horrible (had them detailed-cleaned last year I believe) possibly medication?
  • Friday, February 8, 2008: Doc C-biopsy of lymph node and any other tests necessary…to be continued

Praying for Patch now~going in the morning to have a biopsy.

*edited 2-10-08: Continuation~See: Crazy Friday

13 Responses

  1. You have really been through a lot. I didn’t realize. When will you be getting the results back from the biopsy?

    I will stay tuned…..

    Hey! I will post an update, but the results won’t be back for about a week. Stay tuned…your story will return in just a moment-lol! WOOF!

  2. That’s a lot of stuff. As for enlarged spleen and liver, they can feel for that. No x-ray required. Not to compare myself to a dog, but when I had mono, the doctors felt for enlarged spleen. If it’s enlarged, it would be swollen and painful to the touch. 😉
    I hope the biopsy goes well today. Good luck! {{{HUGS}}}

    Thanks! Yeah New Doc said they could feel for enlarged spleen and liver. I will post an update of today’s events in a bit! Thanks again!

  3. wishing you luck on the biopsy results…how soon will you know???? tomorrow or sunday hopefully.

    When I saw both my own vet and the oncologist, they check if stomach, spleen or liver are enlarged because that is another sign of lymphoma. My vet did in fact do x-rays looking for enlarged organs. The oncologist wanted to ultrasound bruno’s stomach in being able to determine the stage of lymphoma…the fact that organs are enlarged justs means the the lymphoma is further along is my take on it all…

    anyways, I opt for not having the ultrasound… as much as I want Bruno in my life..hearing the words and researching myself that there is “no cure” for lymphoma sticks with me each and everyday…

    Thinking of you and patch

    Thanks Lee! I won’t know anything until next week. The Doc said it would be about a week. I will post an update of today’s events. I know this is so hard for you, but IMO I would do the ultrasound if it were my doggy-If an ultrasound is as easy as a human ultrasound. You are right~there is no cure, but there are things we can do (that isn’t hard for our dogs) to prolong life a little while. Of course, the day I see that Patch’s quality of life is no longer~I know the time has come and what I have to do. I have thought that one through over and over again and I do have a Plan of Action. I had to make sure I had one to make things a TAD bit easier. My thoughts and prayers are with you! WOOF!

  4. Thinking of you. Love that precious ya’ll are in my prayers!

    Thank you so much! Will post an update!

  5. Poor Patch has been through so much. I’m keeping track and will be back to see what the biopsy tells. You are in my prayers.

    That’s just the last few months~His whole life has been a journey (broken leg-hip dysplasia-dog fight-urinary infections-anal gland problems and surgery-staph infections…)~lol! I haven’t posted an update yet-fell asleep last night. Working on it now. Thank you so much! WOOF!

  6. I will be waiting anxiously to hear the test results next week. Poor Patch, he has been through the ringer, hasn’t he?

    Yeah he has. Were Bill’s Doc visits this complicated? I’m still working on the update while I update price sheets for Jedd’s store.

  7. Hope everything went well!

    It did~just crazy. I just posted the update at 11:40 p.m. on Saturday. Thanks!

  8. You and Patch must have such a strong bond. There is nothing quite like that is there? It will live on forever no matter what happens. For now, good luck and best wishes to Patch – and he is so lucky to have you for a mum 🙂

    This is so touching. Thank you! *sniff*

  9. Any news yet on patch????

    Hoping you get good news back.

    Bruno’s lymphs nodes continue to enlarge more under his neck. But the good news to that is that he is still acting the same.

    I am still a wreck!!!

    Hey Lee! NO~no news yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Patch is off of the prednisone and he took an antibiotic for a week, but is off of that too. He hasn’t taken a pain pill in a few days either. He has been active and playing like a puppy~we figured it is because he is off of the meds. His lymph nodes aren’t enlarged right now. We think it has something to do with his nose~possibly the tumor there-??. What kind of meds is Bruno taking again? This has been one crazy, bizarre up and down roller coaster ride for us. We still are really confused, but we enjoy every day we have with Patch and we try not to show any sad emotions around him. Thanks for stopping by! Keep me posted. Bless you! My thoughts and prayers are still with you. WOOF!

  10. Bruno is only on Prednisone (40 mg per day).

    Patch also took Tramadol~that helped a lot with the pain. Also~when you reduce the pain it helps the healing process-giving you more time with Bruno. Right now, Patch isn’t on anything. I sure HOPE to hear something tomorrow. I wish it would have been today because I return to school tomorrow after a week-it will be one wild and crazy day! My thoughts and prayers are still with you!

  11. But I am glad to hear Patch is enjoying life right now.. still keeping my fingers crossed for you on finding out what is wrong.

    Thank you so much!

  12. hope you get good news with the biopsy..that should be conclusive. gidget is in her final week of radiation. no side effects so far. i am giving her homeopathic supplements in her food to help deter the toxins of radiation. we are very hopeful though and the tumor on her nose is going down. once again you can have lympoma in a tumor on the nose. she has a solitary cutaneous t cell rich b cell lympoma tumor. it is amazing how many different opinions you have gotten. when she had her initial tests at the uga vet school, they checked her spleen and liver for enlargement as that is a symptom of lymphoma. i have had her on no medicines at all through this entire ordeal except the homeopathic supplements that i researched myself. we have been lucky. if you hear anything negative, or questionable, you might want a consult with uga vet in athens. they are fantastic and very compassionate. hope all goes well. patch is in my prayers. i know how hard this for all of y’all. take care…

    Thank you! Bless Gidget! She sounds like she is doing good! Thanks for all of your advice! Good Luck with Gidget too!

  13. Hope Patch is okay now.. wonder what the results are. Hope Patch recovers well and stays healthy

    Thanks for stopping by! The results are ehrlichiosis. We are currently fighting it now (4-28-08).

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