My Dog Lives In This House


My dog lives in this house. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime but we have a few things that you must understand before you visit. You must expect a few dog hairs to stick to your clothes. I vacuum and clean, but my dog lives here too.

You may be leaned on and find him in your lap a few times but he does this because he loves people and wants to say Hello. So if you feel that you are too good for his love then you are not welcomed here because this is his home too.

My dog is well mannered and very clean but if you are one of those people who think all animals are dirty and smell, then go away. You are not the type of person that I care to assoiciate with. If you dont like the sound of barking, then my home is not going to be a comfortable place for you to visit.

Do not expect me to lock my dog in another room during your visit. I have trained my dog well so he will not do anything to you except maybe want a pat on the head. I will not subject him to feel as if he is being punished by locking him away for no reason. That would be cruel. When you walk into my home, be careful not trip on a stuffed toy or ball. These are my dogs treasures and I will not take them away from him just to show you that I keep a clean house. He knows where all his toys are. They may not look like much to you, but to him, they are worth more than gold.

You see, this is OUR home. We have been together since he was a small puppy scampering around the house. I raised him into a well mannered, beautifully behaved dog.

I am proud of him. I consider him my personal gift from GOD. He has done nothing but give me his endless love and devotion for many years. I love him dearly and want to make his years happy ones. As happy as he made mine.

When I was sick, he stayed right by my side, as I did his when he is not having a good day. A better friend I could not ask for.

When no one else cared, my dog did. He has given me nothing but pure joy and I love him endlessly. So please understand that I am not being rude. I’m just looking out for my best friend.



8 Responses

  1. Mercedes,

    I would like to add one more to “My Dog Lives In This House”.

    My dogs are invited to all my family functions. I do not shoosh them in the bedroom. If you don’t like three dogs undeneath your feet and wanting to get into the festivities, then please don’t come over.

    Good one! I have another one too: If I have to drive Patch’s car and you are riding with me~I hope you aren’t wearing black! And if you don’t like dog hairs in a car~you need to find someone else to ride with! WOOF!

  2. Mercedes,
    I LOVE these two dog poems! They are soooo true – they really made me smile this morning! Thanks!

    You’re Welcome! I hope things are getting a little better for you! WOOF!

  3. So true!! I could not have said it better. did the storms hit your area? We are okay–no damage near us, thanks for asking.

    We had rain and wind but it wasn’t too bad. It was worse last week when a storm blew through! So glad you guys weren’t affected!

  4. How is cutie pie feeling? My SIL has two dalmations who are keeping her company now. We love the movie 101 (which I bet YOU have too). We just watched it AGAIN, the kids LOVE it. When they are older we will probably get one. I told hubby that both kids had to be “trained” to clean up after themselves before I got me a new “baby”! HA!! Cause I know he would be my dog/baby. 😉

    I love that movie too~animated and real version. Aso 102 Dalmatians and Part two. But my Patch came first-lol. Woohoo SIL~ Patch is off the prednisone and on an antibiotic until biopsy (on lymph node-how to really diagnose lymphoma) on Friday. He is usually easy to pill~but last night we fought and argued-hehe. And Jedd had a hard time this morning. Keep me posted on your new “baby” if he/she comes.

  5. I have been sick most of the week and my old man came and woke me for dinner tonight and told me that my old dog Mary had been at the foot of my bed all day long. i just love how they know just what we need.

    How Sweet! We have had sickness galore at school! Give Mary a scratch behind the ears from me! WOOF!

  6. That pic of Patch is too cute!

    Thanks! I need to scan some pics of him when he was younger~such a cutie!

  7. I added you to my flickr. 🙂

    Cool Beans~gotta check it out and go there more often so I can add people and comments. I first joined to have pics on my blog~now gotta really go there more often and check other pics out too! Thanks!

  8. I loved the poem Mere!!!!

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am a doggis person and thank God for my wee doggis Muggins! She is loving and snuggly and when I am upset or can’t work things out she is a sounding board! Its amazing how well dogs can keep a secret! She is probably thinking “Why did she tell me that, TMI”

    My dog is a cookie mooch, we can’t even say the word cookie, so when I go out shopping the dh says did you buy anymore “C’s”. But somehow she seems to know.

    I hope Patchy is having a good day today, give him a scratchy behind the ears!


    Wassup! We have to spell a lot at our house and say other things for doggy common words when we don’t want Patch to hear these words. R-I-D-E~C-A-R~G-O~T-R-E-A-T-(S)~O-U-T-S-I-D-E~Number One and Number two~cant’ say pee and poop. Too funny! Sratched Patch behind the ears for ya! He goes to the New Doc in the morning for a biopsy of a lymph node. Fingers Crossed!


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