New Doc for Patch


This is an update about my dalmatian, Patch, who got sick at the end of November.  On January 3 he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  About a week later he miraculously improved. Then we went through a few nights of “I Can’t Poop” and fixed that problem so “I Can Poop“.

Whew! Ok~here goes. 

Monday: I called another Vet in my town.  I told a lady a short version of  Patch’s story and told her I just wanted to have another Doc look at Patch’s test results and explain to me exactly what is going on.  I explained that I wasn’t going to pursue chemo.  She explained to me that they send their tests to the same lab and that they wouldn’t perform the same tests.  I told her I knew that and I didn’t want to put Patch through all of that again (DUH!), but I wanted a second opinion to ease my mind. She told me they would call Patch’s Doc and have them fax over the info. She got my number and said she would call me back.

That afternoon after school I called back to inquire if they had received Patch’s info.  I talked to another lady so I had to go through the same speech.  She also took my info and number and said she would call back.

Wednesday:  I had a short break away from the kids.  I was making copies and had about five minutes left before picking up the kiddies.  I called the new Vet back to see if they had any info for me~surely they have the info by now.  Second lady answered the phone and said she is so glad I called because she somehow misplaced my number.  She was reading info from Patch’s tests results and said “This isn’t cancer…there are no signs of cancer with these results”.  I began to cry a little and told her “Please do not say that, unless you are absolutely sure.  Let the Doc look this over and he can explain this when we come in”.

I made an appointment for the following afternoon for Patch to visit New Doc so he could look at his ears and give me feedback on the info from the previous Doc.  Second Lady wanted me to just drop him off on the a.m. and I could come back that afternoon to pick him up.  I told her “No~Patch had been to the Doc 5 times within 5 weeks and 2 of those times had to stay all day.  I wasn’t gonna just drop him off for the day at a New Doc…not just yet”.

Thursday: I met Jedd and Patch at the New Vet.  Patch went on in-lol~didn’t realize where he was at.  He also went on in the examining room.  After I shut the door behind us (a habit now) is when he realized something was up-hehe.  Anywho New Doc was talking away in medical terms about there are no signs of cancer…I was like-slow down-in english please.  Anywho~I actually got to see pieces of paper (proof of tests) with the results.  New Doc explained to me what everything meant. 

He said there are no signs of cancer and to diagnose lymphoma, you would have to aspirate, or biopsy, a lymph node.  I said “Well, I’m not a docter, but uh-duh~that makes perfect sense”.  I explained to him how things got started with his nose and the bleeding and he explained the possible reasons/causes of this.  He also said that if it was a tumor in Patch’s nose~this wouldn’t be lymphoma~it would possibly be nasal cancer. New Doc explained so much more about these results, but don’t want to babble on too long.

I am dumbfounded with all of this info and I am prodding the doc to suggest to me what to do.  I said “So shouldn’t we biopsy a lymph node”?  He says “if he were my dog I definitely would”.  Thank you~straight up answers!  Of course, the whole time Patch is just wandering around the room and in the back talking away…dragging Jedd around-lol.  I ask Jedd what he thinks~you know Jedd~just there.  He says “I don’t know, whatever you want to do…yada-yada”. 

To make a long story shorter~New Doc says to take Patch off of steroids (prednisone) for a week.  Put him on an antibiotic for a week.  Come back in a week and he will perform a biospy on a lymph node.

My Analysis of the Whole Ordeal:  Why did Previous Doc diagnose Patch with lymphoma? Maybe he is that good~he can just feel the lymph nodes and knows.  Maybe he ruled out all other issues and decided it was lymphoma.  He still may be right~but I have to know for sure!  If this isn’t lymphoma, Patch has been on steroids for almost two months and that can’t be good for him.

I still feel bad for going to a New Doc, but Old Doc is out recovering from hernia surgery and I also need peace of mind knowing I did get a second opinion.

Oh ya~the ear problem~normal for Patch’s age~an autoimmune thing.  I am also gonna get a copy of these results for myself.  We also weighed Patch and he gained 2 pounds~yeah! (Not that it matters for him-little overweight anyway-but we sure didn’t want to lose more right now).


Fingers crossed for a week! Things that make you go hhhhhmmmmm.

11 Responses

  1. Mer, this is incredible. It is always good imo to get another opinion in the medical field when diagnosed with anything serious. You were right, I never expected this. 🙂

    I am so glad you did follow your heart and instinct and do it. Yes it is hard when you feel a loyalty to someone such as your doc. But and this is huge…This is your baby ya gotta do what ever it is that makes you feel better and do as much for your loved one as possible and you did! So give yourself a pat on the back!

    We will all be anxiously waiting to hear about the biopsy. I’m thinking positive for ya!

    Lots of hugs Mer
    Angie 🙂

    You said it sista! Thank you so much for your continuing support! WOOF!

  2. Mer, I can’t believe that your old vet didn’t do a biopsy on Patch! I am so glad you went with your gut and got a follow-up. And if it isn’t necessary for him to be on the Pred, I think it can be very hard on them, as it is with people.

    I told my husband last night, and he was glad to hear this good news, too!

    I will also be waiting anxiously to hear news on the biopsy. In the mean time, what a relief!! 🙂

    Congratulations on this great news!

    Isn’t this just crazy? Old Doc still may be right, but I want to know for sure~and I am hurt that all of the tests do not say anything about cancer yet he still diagnosed him with lymphoma~is he that good? At least I will know for sure and I believe we have a New Doc~in town too! Thanks! WOOF!

  3. Sometimes two minds are beter than one. Glad to hear you got a second opinion…But now you are given a whole new spectrum of advice…which sounds a lot better than the first doc… I will keep my fingers crossed for you,,,,,,

    but as you mentined, who is right? You will know once a biopsy is performed as some of the previous tests can be inconclusive.

    My vet did a biopsy in three different areas but I think it was becasue Bruno had multiple enlarged lymph nodes throughout his body which already was leaning towards lymphoma. The oncologist that I met up with afterwards said that she would like to do an ultrasound of his stomach to be able to stage his lymphoma. I declined. I needed more time to understand it and accept it, which I am having the toughest time doing.

    Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.

    As a dog lover myself, I wish you and patch the best and truly hope that he doesn’t have lymphoma either and that it turns out to be something more treatable!

    Hello! I was going to ask you if indeed your Vet had biopsied a lymph node. My Doc had done a biopsy, but it was a biopsy of one of his fatty tumors. I know that the diagnosis could still be the same, but at least if it is I know for sure that it is~medically. If it is lymphoma, I will ask the New Doc about his spleen and liver (possibly an ultrasound?) since Old Doc had said his spleen and liver were enlarged (he said this while feeling around on Patch). I know it is tough for you right now~just enjoy every moment you can with your baby and let him have the best quality of life you can with what you can. Does that make sense? Thinking of you and your baby. Bless You!


  4. That’s great news. Glad you got a second opinion. I’ll be waiting to hear what the new doc has to say after a week.

    Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky will be keeping their paws crossed.

    LOL! Thanks! WOOF!

  5. Wow. Thank goodness you decided to check with another vet. I keep hoping that Patch will feel better.

    Hey chicadee! Patch has been doing great for the last few weeks~minus the few nights of not pooping. I just have to know in my heart for sure what it is with medical data to back it up. I just can’t believe that the results do not say anything about cancer. I also have eased my mind about if I should go for a second opinion. My views on what do do and what will we do still remain the same. Thanks for hoping! WOOF!

  6. I’m glad to hear you went and got a second opinion. That never hurts!

    Thanks Rusty! I just have to know for sure~I thought I knew for sure the first time. I have also eased my mind about wanting to talk with another Doc too…and this one is just a few miles down the road! WOOF!

  7. First of all WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

    Second of all, things that make ya go hmmmm….

    Thanks for the “chat” last night and the night b4 and the night b4. 😀

    Yippee! Woohoo! you’re welcome and you’re welcome and you’re welcome! WOOF!

  8. Hi Mercedes. I think an additional opinion for Patch was done for all the right reasons. <<>> So, I encourage you not to give a second thought to the loyalty thing any further. Every doc knows that the patient and the owner have a right to another assessment and evaluation elsewhere. Also, the biopsy will give you much relief in where things stand. It will also help to clarify the course of treatment which can be a relief in itself just knowing. Just getting that information down pat will feel like a burden has been lifted. Much adoration for your decision to seek additional care. Kudos to Patch for feeling at ease in new surroundings. Huggeroos Patch, keep the good faith going.

    Thank you for your support! I will not give it a second thought! WOOF!

  9. I’m so glad you got that second opinion! I will be anxiously awaiting the results from this new doctor, and saying a prayer for you guys!

    Ellie gives Patch her favorite squeaker as a feel better gift!

    Ooohhh~Thanks! Patch loves squeakers! Thanks for the heads up on MySpace too! Whew! WOOF!

  10. Glad you got a second opinion and it’s promising! I hope it’s not lymphoma and I hope whatever it turns out to be is easily treatable. Good luck and big hugs! :mrgreen:

    Thank you so much! I am getting nervous~gotta go through this again! WOOF!

  11. I had no idea Patch hadn’t had a biopsy or at least the aspiration done before! I’m SO glad you finally took him off the steroids. Thank goodness you took Patch to another vet. This is sounding much better.

    Dogs Naturally

    You wouldn’t believe how he is right now~you would hardly know he has been sick at all! Not sure what to think about the whole thing right now~Whew! He is not on any meds right now. I hope to find out the results tomorrow. I’ll keep ya posted!

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