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I have been receiving a ton of spam.  I messed around with my options for discussion and really didn’t change much, but now all of you guys: my buddies, are going to spam.  I have now changed my moderation to: Comment Author must have a previously approved comment.  I am not sure if this counts comments already on here or if this starts from here on out.  I apologize for any delays and/or inconveniences in advance! 



I have always love this four column theme and the picture. It is called Fjords by Peterandrej.  When I would play around with this layout, it just didn’t seem to work for me.  I am going to try it out for a bit!  Sometimes change isn’t good for me.  I hope folkie is ok with this. *wink* She is the only blog buddy that is using this theme.

Old Theme: Digg 3 Column

New Theme: Fjords


I would appreciate any input/comments on this, please.  Let me know which theme/layout you like better for MY blog.

15 Responses

  1. I think we have to comment once, be approved and then consistently use the same name and e-mail address and we’ll continue to go right through.

    Gotcha! So what theme do you like best-for me?

  2. Hey it’s just fine with me! I love this theme. It looks ok to me!
    I did like the tabs at the top for your different pages, but hey, go with what you like!

    Yeah~that is what I miss the most. We will see how long I last-lol. Thanks folkie!

  3. I just changed my format to 3 column my self! I was thinking about the 4 column, but I thought that the reading portion was too narrow for my personal tastes.

    Thank you, thank you very much…lol

  4. I like all the columns. You can put a lot of widgets in them and that is fun to read.

    1 for either
    1 for 4 columns
    1 ? she likes her 3 columns

  5. Hi Mere,

    I like it! I really like the pic at the top. I’m pretty easy going when it comes to blogging. I really like how they are all different, keeps it interesting.

    I love the pic! Thanks for your input! WOOF!

  6. I like this layout. I used it for my blog at one point. The only reason I changed was because this column for the reading was often too narrow for images I wanted to post. It required too much editing. Just a heads up. That was the only thing I didn’t like about it for my own blog. I have also just switched mine back to a 3 column layout. I think it makes for easier navigation–the more columns the merrier. 😛 But in any case, you have my vote for Fjords theme!

    Thank you! 1 vote for 4 columns! Woohoo!

  7. Yowsa girl! I love this format for you and I want to look at all your new stuff! Wow! Why isn’t there more hours and the day and why the heck do we have to sleep? !! HA!

    Thanks! You said it~not enought time in a day! I’m still contemplating this layout right now. Glad you stopped by!

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhh! My eyes! It sure is busy over here in your parcel of blogland. LOL! It will be impossible to post photos, but you’ve got your Flickr link for that, so I guess it’s okay. I like big wide blogs with few distractions, but you are free to do what you choose. 😉

    I love this layout, but as I re-read previous posts, I had to edit pics (like shades said). I have a feeling that I will go back to 3 columns soon. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! WOOF!

  9. OK~had to go back to the three column theme! Looks much better for me! I had to resize too many pics to put in the 4 column theme. Of course-I had to re-re-size them-LOL! I believe I like this one much better~For MY blog! Thanks for everyone’s input!


  10. I love lighthouses so naturally I like this one. I must have missed your 4 column..anyhoo my memory is getting bad.:)!

    I like to change the themes probably more often than I should..have a real hard time choosing one that works for me. Usually always go back to Connections..


    Sorry you missed the 4 column! It was too busy and I had to re-size a lot of pics. My posts were in one of the four columns~so it took people awhile to scroll down to stories and stuff! Thanks for stopping by! WOOF!

  11. Hey girlfriend, I love the lighthouse pic! Course I like lighthouses! Somehow missed your 4 column theme.

    I change up from time to time..still not 100% happy with mine. Perhaps I just like a new look or I am still finding myself? LOL!:)

    Your comments went to spam~first~hopefully they will not anymore! I like this one much better! The other one was too busy~like fightingwindmills said! WOOF!

  12. Whew! This one is much better.

    I agree!

  13. Looking Familiar! LOL~~

    Much better!

  14. This looks good. The four column is fun, but like you said (and I’ve experienced myself) the photos just don’t work and it takes a lot of time to make them fit in the posts. 😉 Like this look!

    Yeah~I have decided I like it the best too! Thanks!

  15. I like this layout, it looks good and is easy to read. But part of the fun is choosing your own theme. So, go for it… You can always change back to something you liked if a new one doesn’t work for you.

    Thank you! I like this one better too~not so busy with all my junk~I mean stuff-lol!

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