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OK~usually people are searching for poems/email forwards that I have on my site, dog information, or anything that pertains to a mercedes.  Today, someone used the following term to get to my site:

Pictures of people drinking & eating pee

How crazy is that?  And who would want to see that? Pretty crazy…and sick. ROFL~as you can see, I talk to myself and even answer myself!


11 Responses

  1. That’s mild compared to the sickos who give me my blog hits. Apparently, there’s a section of people out there interested in “Daniel Radcliffe’s foreskin”, “fart lady”, “where is britney’s house” et al.
    By the way, can anyone really “eat” pee? unless it’s frozen of course.

    WOW~sickos is right! And I was wondering the same thing: Can anyone really ‘eat’ pee? Disgusting!

  2. oooooo-k. just lost my appetite! Thanks Mer! LOL

    So sorry, Busty! WOOF!

  3. I’m glad I read this AFTER dinner! Now that I have a site meter on my blog I just get the biggest hoot out of the entry pages. You would not believe (maybe you would) the number of people who enter on the post with the title CUTIES. I am talking about a citrus fruit, but I don’t think that is what THEY are expecting!

    Citrus Fruit~Cuties…things that make you go hhhmmm! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I just saw another crazy search engine term that I believe many of my blog buddies will get a kick out of:

    stupid mary kay

  5. Hey Mer, I thought the same thing, how do ya eat pee?

    Sicko’s. I’m gonna have to look at mine, no telling what I got on there.

    Accountable had something funny on hers too.

    Hope Patch still doing good!:)

    Let me know what you have. I will have to ask Accountable about her’s too. Patch is doing pretty good. He is losing plugs of hair on his ears-the flappy part called the pinna. They are disappearing. It looks like another animal is just biting away chunks of his ear. Thanks for asking!

  6. Yuck! I haven’t checked how people find my blog and now I’m scared to.


  7. As Ang had mentioned, I just blogged about two very funny search terms!

    Yeah~you got that right-very funny! ROFL!

  8. The weirdest things searched that brought people to my blog were:

    “pink cocaine”
    “blindfold hallucinations”

    Here’s one that some may get a giggle from:

    “pink truth mary kay” 😀

    OK~the first two-hhhmmmm-that;s some wild and crazy $#$#! ROFL! The last one-things that make you go hmmmmm-love it!

  9. Uh oh! Here’s another one for me:

    “what type of frog do you eat”

    Not sure if Brian Tracy articles were what they had in mind, though! 😉

    LOL! For some reason all of your comments keep going to spam-darn it! You are far from spam-lol!

  10. Hey Mercedes, I got one looking for ‘fat girls’ and I swear I did not say I was fat! lol!

    got another one for asian sex do they come up with that stuff? oh well, reckon they found what they needed? 🙂

    ROFL! I hope they did-lol!

  11. OK~here’s a new one:

    Dogs sniff human farts~whatever!
    At least it was about dogs!


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