I Can Poop, But…


Hey All! Thank you for your concern about Patch inI Can’t Poop!Here is an update:

I called the Doc and talked to his wife.  She said to put grease on his food: bacon, vegetable oil…She told me that Doc was going into surgery (HE is having surgery) in a bit: two hernias~probably from lifting animals.  She said if he had time (he was leaving in 30 minutes) he would call back. 

Another Vet there called me later that afternoon.  I asked her the question that had been on my mind:  Why hasn’t Doc told me to pursue other treatments?  Is it because of the stage of the disease, Patch’s age, the cost???  I like to try to analyze things all the time.  She explained that I could pursue further treatments~but there isn’t a cure~and treatments can be costly and have side effects too (she did go into detail).  She also asked me what type of lymphoma is it-B-Cell, T-cell?  I don’t know?  I told her when she found out, to let me know. I really love Doc and trust him, but do I need to see another Vet right now?  I really would like to just sit and talk to another Vet-talk and ask and ask and talk…Anyone? Anyone?

Ok~so I get home and put vegetable oil on Patch’s food.  This helps tremendously! Patch CAN POOP NOW!  BUT, when he gets in “pee” position (he squats now) and he isn’t peeing (when he does pee-he floods-side effect of the meds I think) blood is coming out-not in a stream either.  The blood is thick-phlegm-like.  GREAT!  What do I do now?  Patch has had urinary infections before where he had blood in his urine-do I need an antibiotic or is this disease related?

I have met another friend, Patty, via wvcobere’s blog (my friend that lost her precious Bill two weeks ago) that is going through the same thing.  She has told me about the meds her dog is on.  He is on Prednisolone, Tramadol, Amoxicillin, and Theophylline. At first I thought Patty misspelled prednisone~prednisolone.  NOPE~that’s right.  So I begin to research prednisolone-researching now.  I just came across an article about the side effects of prednisone (the drug Patch is on) and read this:

Prednisone must be converted to prednisolone in the liver. Animals in hepatic failure should receive prednisolone rather than prednisone.  GREAT!  Doc had said at the last visit that Patch’s liver and spleen are enlarged.  I don’t know what this means-if Patch has liver problems or what. Should he be on prednisolone instead?

OK! I am one to talk about too many things at once, talk to myself and answer back, and always asking questions out loud.  I hope I haven’t thoroughly confused everyone now.  Especially with the prednisone and prednisolone-I know I am REALLY confused-aaaaahhhhhh-lol.

Bottom Line: Patch is doing better~pooping now.  Friday night and last night were much more peaceful-sleeping now-both of us.  Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers.


Do you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions for me?

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  1. You know, it never hurts to have a second opinion…….

    I’m glad to hear he’s pooping ok now, poor doggie.

    It’s good you are researching and informing yourself.

    I have been contemplating a second opinion for awhile. I have decided to call another Vet and ask for a consultation either in person or via telephone. I don’t necessarily want to take Patch yet, just want to ask questions. Also~My Doc is on leave-recovering from hernia surgery. There is another Doc there, but I want to talk to a Doc at a whole different place~a tad bit closer. Patch’s Doc is about 15 miles away. I love researching, about anything and everything. WOOF!

  2. I think you should talk to the vet about switching him to prednisolone. If his liver is enlarged, there is something going on.

    I am glad Patch can poop now. Sometimes these drugs have side effects and it is hard to differentiate between the side effects and the ailment.

    You should look up each medication that he is taking and see what all the side effects are. Then you can rule out what is a side effect and what is not.

    I will be calling the Doc tomorrow to check in on this. You are so right~never know if it is the disease or the meds.

  3. so sorry he’s having so much trouble, but glad to hear he’s pooping now! poor guy.

    Thanks folkie!

  4. hey, you like blinkies too? I have a bunch saved but have never uploaded them to a blog before.

    I just went to a blinkie site and got the code for them. If you have yours saved as pics~you can just upload them to WordPress and put them wherever-I believe.

  5. Sorry you had to go through that but awfully glad he is pooping now..It is just like having a child..you always worry cuz you love em so much.

    Thank you! Ain’t that the truth! WOOF!

  6. Is Patch still getting plenty of exericise and lots of fluids? Both are incredibly important in preventing constipation. The drugs he’s on could likely be part of the reason as well. Here’s a link that may be helpful:

    I hope is comfortable now.

    Diane at Dogs Naturally

    Thank you, Diane! I love your wesite and I have read this article from your newsletter. I would like to add that site to my blogroll too! I did add vegetable oil~Doc said to do that. It did the trick! WOOF!

  7. Hi there I am glad to hear patch is doing better.
    My 3 yo english bulldog was diagnosed with lymphoma on 1/4/08. I felt an enlarged lymph node in his neck and he had a difficult time pooping so I took him to my vet. He ran all the tests and the result was Lymphoma. I got so sick to my stomach. My poor little boy is only 3! HOw can his life be taken so soon?

    I am a WRECK! My vet was very informative about not having a cure but encouraged me to see an oncologist anyways just to ask more questions and to receive all the answers I need. I went to see an oncologist. She was very informative and pretty much gave me the same information my vet did. Needless to say… I am struggling on what to do….

    So I decided on the least expensive treatment for now to buy me some time. My dog is young and seems really healthy. So My vet gave him a one time chemo injection and started him on prednisone. He got really sick after the injection and prednisone with vomitting and diahrrea. So then I had to stop the prednisone and start him on antibitics for 5 days. He started back on prednisone three days ago………. so far so good. I just fear the day the emlarged lymph nodes return. But again I can’t think of myself… I need to concentrate on what is best for the dog and his quality of life.

    so this is where I am…. he is on prednisone daily from this point on….. ultimately I know I will need to let go and put him down. I just need more time to absorb this whole nightmare!!!!

    Best of luck to you and Patch

    Thank you. Bless you and your puppy! You sound like you have a good Vet~straightforward with encouragement to see an oncologist. I was a wreck too when I first found out~still am.Research, poems, and talking to others going through the same thing have helped me to better understand and decide what I will do when the time comes. I don’t pat attention to some of my findings such as life expectancy (when it says x amount of weeks) because I find something different all the time and I read proof from others that prove this wrong…including Patch! Lymphoma in dogs usually occurs in older dogs~that is why I think my Doc didn’t really pursue suggesting to see an oncologist. If I were in your shoes~it would be a definite! Commonly affected breeds include the bulldog-so sorry! I hope you read Eve’s blog and her battle against lymphoma with her boxer, Bill. Another friend, Patty tells her story there too. These two ladies have helped me a lot with my battle. Thanks for stopping by. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your doggy!


  8. I am glad Patch is pooping now…as for the blood in the pee, has that cleared up yet?

    I have been thinking about him and hoping he is doing well! 😉

    I believe the blood in the pee is gone. I am going to call another Doc in my town and ask for a consultation either in person or via telephone to discuss Patch’s situation and get some feedback. I feel I need to do this to settle my mind on if I should seek a second opinion. Thank you! I hope things are getting better for you! My thoughts and prayers are always with you!


  9. Hi ….. I am gald to hear Patch is doing Better.

    My 3 y o English Bulldog was diagnosed with Lymphoma on 1/4/08. I am crushed.

    He is so young and healthy… How I noticed something was wrong: I found his lymph nodes in his neck to be enlarged and he had a hard time pooping. So I took him into the vet, where they did all the work up and diagnosed him with Lymphoma. My heart stopped. This is truly a nightmare. My vet encouraged me to see an oncologist to get all the information I needed but that ultimately there was NO cure. I am besides myself!!! So I went to see an oncologist and she gave me lots of options as did my own vet as far as what chemo treatments are out there. Needless to say it would just buy time and he would maybe live a year as projected by both the oncologist and my vet.

    I do have pet insurance so the money wasn’t the problem.. If I went with the best option availble it would cost me $5000-$8000… The price is higher because it is a specialty clinc where the oncologist is located. My personal vet said he could do the same treatment and the cost would be less like $3000- $5000. Truthfully any treatment is going to just buy some more time with him but the lymphoma would win in the end. I don’t think I have ever cried so much in my life.

    My decision at this point… was to buy a little more time with him. So my vet gave him a one time chemo injection and started him on a high does of prednisone. The following day he was vomiiting and had diahrrea… My vet suggested I give him ammodium and zantac…we stopped the prednisone 4 days later. He only vomiited a lot for one day. But the diahrrea lasted for 5 days. So we stopped the prednisone and started him on antibiotics for 5 days. He started back on a lower dose of prednisone 2 days ago and so far so good.

    I am just in fear for when the enlarged lymph nodes pop up again……….As much as I want him in my life forever, I know there is NO cure. I need to stay focused and do what is best for the dog not myself… The prednisone will just buy me more time to absorb this nightmare. In time, I will need to come to terms with having to put him down. I am just so sick about this and angry that my little boys life is going to be taken away so soon…..

    As hard as it gets for you… just remember that Patch lives for and today and does not know about tomorrow… Do what is best for him….

    I am in tears just typing this to you……………………….I have instructed my family, friends, and co-workers to not ask me about my dog or how I am doing either…. This time is very hard for me… I realize I have a lot of people that care and want to be there for me but I just need to deal with my feelings on my own… And believe me this may sound strange but it has helped… For the first two weeks I was on the verge of tears every second while at work… Now I am getting a little stronger,, or at least I thought I was strong until I started typing this to you. It takes time to heal an open wound

    I wish you and Patch well! Enjoy each day you have with Patch

    Very Respectively;

  10. sorry forward the e-mail here when my other message already went thorugh

    I’m sorry for not replying to your email yet!

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