I Can’t Poop!


Patch is having a hard time tonight. 

If you don’t know about Patch and his sickness, you can click on the links to read previous posts to catch you up on the story.

I have been meaning to call the Doc to discuss treatment options for lymphomashould I pursue cancer treatments-yada yada.  Then, as most of you know, Patch started doing so much better (Miracle Patch).

 Anywho~Patch is having a hard time tonight.  I believe he is constipated.  He paces around and wants to go outside.  When we go outside, he squats (hasn’t hiked in awhile) to pee and nothing happens.  Then he squats to poop (since he has been sick, he poops and walks at the same time) and stays in one place, like he used to do-but nothing happens. 

Fifteen minutes later we go through the whole process again…and again…and again…I took him out about 30 minutes ago and he threw up all over the driveway. Thank goodness he made it outside.  He also did the no pee/no poop move.  We went out about 15 minutes ago and he repeated the no pee/poop move. 

Patch is laying down now and seems to feel better-hopefully.  I WILL definitely be calling Doc in the a.m. to discuss what I have wanted to discuss all along, to inform him of his progress, and of course, tell him about tonight.  I so hope he is better in the a.m.~I don’t want to take him to the Doc again-he so hates it now.

Again, I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers! Please keep them coming. 

p.s.  I apologize for not being here as often.  School’s back in session: report cards, testing, meetings…Also have been visiting various relatives that have had various health issues going on.


8 Responses

  1. Poor Patch! He sounds miserable. I hope and pray the vet has advice/medicine that will get things ‘moving’ for him AND that it is not related to the lymphoma.
    I empathize with the business of your ‘teacher self’ …Just take care of Patch…your faithful readers understand!

    Thank you teresa. I will post an update to cover what the vet said. One day soon I am gonna connect with you via email and we can discuss school-Kindergarten.

  2. Mercedes that doesn’t sound good. As far as walking while he’s pooping, all of my dogs do that, so don’t be concerned about that. Please keep us informed about Patch’s progress.

    Thanks 4urpets. Patch used to poop in one spot~the walking while pooping is a new thing for him. posting an update in a bit.

  3. How is he today?

    Thanks for asking. posting update…

  4. How miserable. 😦

    Is he doing better yet?

    At the time of your comment-not sure…posting an update in a bit.

  5. Hey Mer-

    Bill was doing the pooping thing too, but he wasn’t eating much. It was like he knew he should be pooping, so he tried repeatedly, but there was nothing there.

    Is he eating regularly? What about drinking?

    Let me know what the Dr. says!

    That is exactly how Patch is-like he knew he should be pooping. Yes, he eats more and drinks more~probably the meds.

  6. Poor Patch. Maybe he just needed to get rid of what was bothering his stomach by vomiting and that helped–I hope.

    I was thinking the same thing, but we were up most of the night. He/we did sleep from 3:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. I think vomiting helped a little.

  7. Prayers for Patch (and for you too) from me and Missy.

    Thank you Curious and Missy! Much appreciated!

  8. How are things going today?? I hope everything is alright.

    Things are ok. I’m with you~it is so hard to see certain signs of the disease~yet Patch seems just fine with other things. Did that make sense? I think you understand. AND, How are you? Give brother dog a hug from me. WOOF!

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