My First Award



    I have just received this award from my fellow dog blog buddy, Rusty, at Chasing Squirrels With RustyI am so touched!  This is my first blog award and I am so honored to be accepting this from such a wonderful dog…and his Mom~I’m sure she had a little something to do with it! 

Rusty received this award from Ginger, Sparky, and Crikit at Barking Loud. I just visited over there and it is great~I can’t wait to explore more!

I would like to pass this award on to several of my Blog Buddies and I hope each and every one of you know that I appreciate having you in my Blogging World. 

I hope that you will accept this award and feel free to pass it on.  If you do accept this award~please remember to link back to Colin as the original point of reference for this award. 

I would like to present this award to the following Blog Buddies:

Accountability: For being so dedicated to WoYoPracMo!

Krysti: For being such a wonderful person at everything you do! For battling the fight against breast cancer with your mother!

The Canvas Grey: For your knowledge and research on Autism!

Eve: For your friendship during our fight against lymphoma~In honor of Bill!

Free: For starting a blog and informing us on CFS and Fibromyalgia!

Shades of Pink: For your knowledge and info about Mary Kay!  For participating in the Breast Cancer 3 Day 2008!

Angie: For always stopping by! For your knowledge and input on politics!



12 Responses

  1. Awwwww *blush* *sniffle* *CHEERS*

    You know you are great in My World! LYMI! WOOF!

  2. bawaboohoo, Now after the tears, I am honored to accept this award from such a terrific in the first degree friend! sniffles, cry again:)

    *Sniff* Now ya got me tearing up too. Thank you for the compliment~and for always stopping by! LYMI! (Love Ya! Mean It!)

  3. Thanks so much for the award! And let me just say, I LOVE the Golden Girls! But seriously, I am truly flattered. 🙂

    Your welcome! You are a great Blog Buddy and I really appreciate your site and how you try to answer everyone’s questions in a timely matter-you go girl…Lovin’ the Golden Girls! Good Luck in the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

  4. P.S. glad to read that Patch is doing well! 😀

    Thanks! Me too~it’s wonderful!

  5. I do wish I was making better progress with the Breast Cancer 3 Day. It’s still early in the year. 🙂

    Make some type of flyer that links to your 3 Day Site informing others of your quest~email this flyer to everyone you know and ask them to forward it on. (I do this with Mary Kay for Sales I have)

    Have some type of fundraiser~if you have a team.
    Go to businesses and ask for donations
    Place an ad or article to discuss what you are doing in your local paper.

    Good Luck~oh ya-pass the word around in the blog world too-the only thing people can do is say no.


    Thank You! Congratulations to you too! WOOF!

  7. Thank You!! Thank you very much! I accept this award and I will pass this on.

    You’re welcome! You deserve it! WOOF!

  8. Thanks for the tips, Mercedes! 🙂

    Your Welcome! Let me know if any help.

  9. I just passed my as well. 😀

    Good for you! LYMI!

  10. Hey sweet lady!

    Mere, congrats to you for the award and thanks so much for honoring me with it as well!

    I’m just catching up. We’ve had quite a bit of illness here. Unfortunately my BIL lost his battle with cancer last week. God rest his soul.

    I keep you and all my blog buddies in my prayers and Patch too! Patch has the sweetest face! Hugs to you for giving him such wonderful love and care!!!!!! He is a lucky boy!

    Thank you! So sorry for the loss of your BIL. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! My thoughts and prayers are with you too!

  11. […] friend and blogging buddy Mercedes at Mercedes World has bestowed upon me the following […]

  12. Thanks Mer! I just love your layout and all the glitz. Wish I had some time to bling my blog but barely enough time to write and read! BIG HUG!

    Thanks. I don’t have time either~but I am so good at putting off the necessary things to do. ROFL!

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