Miracle Patch


Just wanted to update everyone on Patch.  For those of you that don’t know about Patch~he is my 11 year old dalmatian.  Patch got sick about seven weeks ago.  He was diagnosed with lymphoma on January 3, 2008. You can catch up on the history behind this story by clicking those links to his previous stories.

Sickness: So~after Patch’s diagnosis I became an emotional wreck.  Last week Patch has been improving tremendously! When he sneezes there isn’t ANY blood! His sores are healing up quite nicely.  He doesn’t lick his sores or the incision anymore.  His incision has completely healed up~just waiting for the hair to grow back.  He jumps on his bed and sleeps.  He has been jumping on our bed~when Jedd is there.  He still doesn’t sleep on our bed during the day like he used to.

Car Rides:  In the last six weeks, Patch has been to the Doc five times.  This is the only time he has been in the car for car rides.  His car and his daily/sometimes two or three times daily car rides are his favorite thing to do. He seems to have a hard time getting in the car.  We are also worried that he is now associating the car with the Doc~not a good thing. Yesterday, he got in the car without any help (treats). Hopefully he will get in the car this morning to do his normal Sunday morning routine: Go with Jedd to open up the store.

Bath Place: After Patch got into the car I took him to Bath (he wasn’t in need of a bath) because I thought that Miss Bath Lady might want to see him and I thought Patch might want to see his buddies.  When we got there, Patch hesitated about going in…he was trying to decide is this a good place or the Doc’s place?  He decided on the first and went in.  Miss Bath Lady met us and I explained everything that Patch has been going through. Then she took Patch to the back~well for some reason he wouldn’t go to the back so I went with them and when we got behind the door he seemed fine.  It was amazing to see him with cats coming up to him.  He didn’t bother them at all~they were all buddies…whew!  Anywho, I told Miss Bath Lady to call me if things didn’t work out.  Jedd went to pick Patch up after he got off of work and brought him home.  Patch didn’t get a bath~Miss Bath Lady said she couldn’t get him in the tub and she was afraid she was hurting him-he had yelped some.  I felt horrible for putting him through that but after much love and attention Patch forgave me.  I still think it was a good thing because he went for a ride and the ride didn’t end up at Doc’s.

Babies: Patch loves his babies~dog toys.  He isn’t into the plastic/rubber ones but the fleece stuffed animal type.  He hasn’t acknowledged his babies for the last seven weeks.  We assumed that it was because he hasn’t felt good and it might be harder for him to breath with something in his mouth.  Last night I got a baby and squeaked it and Patch took it from me.  He began squeaking it and slinging it around.  This brought joyous tears to my eyes.  He also began running around with his baby and I blocked any furniture for fear of him hitting his head…he is still wobbly/dizzy probably from his medications.

I have more pictures but they are huge and I have to figure out how to downsize them. I want to thank everyone that has been with us through this ordeal. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, kind words, and well wishes.  Please continue to pray for Patch as we journey through this ordeal.  Lymphoma is not a curable disease…we have just been blessed with the medications/prayers/miracles to prolong his life.


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  1. Patch hesitated on getting in the car~then he jumped in. He’s off to the store with Jedd!

    *sniff* 🙂


  2. Hi, I am so sorry to read about your dear Patch. I’m glad to see that he felt good enough to go on the the store, wasn’t afraid.

    I have had luck making my pictures smaller in My Pictures. This probably isn’t how people who know what they are doing do it, but it works for me.

    Put the picture you want to work with to My Pictures, click on it to single it out, then at the bottom of that screen click on the little editing picture on the far right by the ?. (When you hover over it with your mouse it says “closes this program and opens the image for editing.” )The picture will come up yet again but usually it is huge and you can only see a portion of it. At this point go to the top and
    choose “Image”
    then from the drop down list choose “Stretch/skew’
    a box will come up with % choices for stretch and skew. I don’t touch skew, but in the stretch box I change 100% usually for 25% or 20%. This decreases the size of the picture greatly. Play around with the numbers till you find a size you like.

    I hope this helps till you can find some one who really knows how to do this! I’m not good at directions like this so leave a message with Rusty if I can help some more. It was really frustrating for me at first too.
    Sharon, Rusty’s mom

    Thanks so much Sharon. Glad to know Rusty’s Mom’s name too-lol. I wil work on this. I’m not sure why the pics are so huge~usually when I take pictures they are just fine…Gotta lot of work ahead of me if I have to do this for my Kindergarteners pictures-whew!

    Patch is on his way home now. They didn’t stay long today. I’m so glad he went.

    Give Rusty a hug for me!


  3. Whoo hoo Mercedes, I am so happy for you that your beloved Patch is doing well and on his way home..
    I don’t know what I am doing as is so no way to help with the pics. Whatever I get is what came out..LOL!

    Thanks Angie! As for the pics-gotta work on them. You are too funny! WOOF!

  4. Rusty’s mom: It sure is a small world. I taught 1st grade for 21 years and moved to 2nd grade this year. I take lots of pictures of my kiddos also. I usually give them each a few pictures for Christmas and a few more at the end of the year along with other projects. Good luck with your pictures! Rusty says thanks for the hug! He is all about hugs and pats! He says woof to Patch. Give him a pat from me, too. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    It’s a small world after all…! Rusty~you’re welcome! Patch woofs back! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers! WOOF!

  5. Glad to hear Patch is doing better.

    There are two things you can do to make your pictures smaller. If you have the ability to email your pictures, email them to yourself. That automatically reduces the size of your pixels (easier to email). When you get your email, save them somewhere and voila!…you have smaller picture sizes to download on your site.

    The second way is just to download the picture, put it on your page and send it to the editor.

    Once you have your huuuuuuuge picture on your blog, you just double click the picture. You will see little squares around your picture.

    Scroll down to the very bottom right hand side of your picture and left click and scroll up up up up. By doing this you are resizing your picture. It might take several times doing this because you only have a little bitty window to work in. But it works.

    Sissy, Tinky and Jonesy gives a wag to Patch.

    Thanks for the info~gotta work on that! Patch~waggin’ right back at Sissy, Tinky, and Jonesy! WOOF!

  6. Hi again, Rusty has left something for you on his blog. Have a fun day.

    Rusty~I love you! Thank you so much. I am honored to receive this award! WOOF!

  7. glad to hear your Patch is doing better. We worry so much about our furbabies, don’t we?
    Hey, look, I’ve got an avatar!!

    Thanks! Oh yes we do worry about them! Yippee~you DO have an avatar! Love It!

  8. Patch went to the store this evening too! We were worried that he might not be able to see in the dark to jump in the car-didn’t stop him a bit!

    WOOHOO! Two rides in one day and not to the Doc!

    Everyone~thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!


    p.s. I need to get Patch to start his own blog!

  9. Patch went for his daily cruise today. He wanted to go again tonight with Daddy but it’s too cold and Daddy is gonna be gone a bit.

    When I came home from school, Patch and Jedd were napping on our bed.

    I am just ecstatic!


  10. I am so happy Patch is doing so well!! GO PATCH!!!!

    Thank you, Winnie! WOOF!

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