Katie Holmes

I read magazines all of the time.  Jedd owns a convenience store and the magazines he doesn’t sale he gets to keep/trash after he cuts out the UPC code and returns it for a refund.  Our library (bathroom) consists of People magazines-TMI, I know-LOL.  Anywho, the following is a letter I read in the MailBag section of People magazine~the December 10, 2007 issue.



I ran the New York City Marathon and finished in a time of 2:36:32. Like many others that day, I earned it the hard way, logging over 100 miles a week for months.  And unlike Katie Holmes, I work full-time.  Running a 5 and 1/2 hour marathon is not impressive, indicates a lack of preparation and is fundamentally disrespectful to the marathon.  If you want to know what impressive looks and sounds like, talk to Paula Radcliffe, who had a baby this year and won the same race in 2:23 and change.

Rory Gilgillan via e-mail

I too heard all about Katie Holmes running a marathon in 5 and 1/2 hours and was seen out afterward in high heels.  Wooptidoo!  My brother and sister-in-law both ran their first marathon last year and their times were much more impressive! They also work full-time jobs~attorneys!

My sister-in-law ran her first marathon last year (the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego ) and her time was under 4 hours.  She kicked KH’s butt! My brother also ran his first marathon last year (Dallas White Rock Marathon) and his time was 3:13.  He almost qualified for the Boston Marathon~just shy of 3 minutes. Katie Holmes~eat their dust!

Sooooo~How does this make YOU feel?

8 Responses

  1. My husband ran the NY marathon in 3:07:08 back in 2000. He trained for this while working full-time, traveling overseas at least once, sometimes twice a month(often to Korea), and keeping up with yard work around the house. He spent numerous weekends doing half-marathon training runs. Celebrities. I’ll bet she walked most of it.

    Yeah for your husband!

  2. Very interesting. I don’t keep up with stars much, most of it is just as silly as this! She should be ashamed to let that be broadcast.

    No doubt-my thoughts exactly!

  3. You’ve been meme tagged. Go to my blog to read the rules. 😀

    Will do! LYMI!

  4. I feel better! I was ticked off when I saw she ran it – and people give Angelina and Brad a hard time, but at least they are using their fame to better other people.

    Glad I could make you feel better! WOOF!

  5. With that in mind though – I’d be lucky to do that in five hours.


    lol…I used to run but I’m with you now-hehe.

  6. I could never run a marathon. Walk, yes. Run, No.

    Why is KH running a marathon even news??

    Because she is KH~I would call it bad news-lol.

  7. Accountable would be an olympian in comparison with me…ROFL picturing me running..as far as KH goes, she is just another way for them to sell the mag, Guess they figure us regular folks won’t do that..The world is so obsessed with Celebs. Sad state of affairs, kind of like High School thinking…popular vs not so popular??

    You got that right, sista! WOOF!

  8. Love the post’s, both of them. I too think it is so funny that KH brags about doing a freaking marathon on TV in her interviews, yet her time is crappy. Love it thanks for the smile

    You’re welcome! I thought you might enjoy this! Good Luck to you!

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