Why We Love Kids




















11 Responses

  1. I don’t see any. Just empty boxes. 😦

    Is this the series where two little girls are covered in black marker? I swear, that picture gives me the giggles EVERY SINGLE TIME I see it.

    First the pics show~then they don’t…will try to fix this evening. Thanks daisy for pointing this out.

    p.s. These were Dear God Letters.

  2. These are so cute and so funny!

    Thanks. I have more~just takes awhile to load them. I had to start all over with this post.


  3. Those are darling. My favorite one was where the little boy said “Watch and I’ll show you my new shoes.”

    That one is too cute!

  4. These were so cute. My favorite was also “Watch Sunday and I’ll show you my new shoes.”

    That one seems to be at the top of the list~good one!

  5. I’m with Ginny – we need another holiday in between Christmas and Easter that involves a break from school!

    We get out on MLK Day and Presidents Day-3 day weekends.

  6. We don’t have school tomorrow or Monday. Then a day here and there for teacher’s inservice. Just the same….I’d like another holiday. LOL

    Cool~I was hoping we would be flooded out from the storms tomorrow…gotta finish report cards. We haven’t missed a day yet-due to weather.

  7. We haven’t missed a day (or been late) due to weather either. What a rip. ROFL!

    My thoughts exactly! Rip Off! LYMI! WOOF!

  8. Now I see the rest! I like the one about the dinosaur, the one about praying for a puppy, and the one about Cain & Abel.

    Yes~I finally fixed it!

  9. Oh, and the wedding one and the one about loving the whole world. 🙂

    and the…and the…ROFL! WOOF!

  10. These are great, Mere.

    Thanks~I can’t take credit though. This was an email forward.

  11. Just great stuff. I really enjoyed these, as did my wife.


    P.S.: My best wishes to you and your family re the impending loss of a family member.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you and your wife enjoyed these. Thanks for sending your best wishes our way. Much appreciated.

    Patch got in the car this morning on his own. He went to see his friends at the bath place. He was a little apprehensive when we went in…but he seemed fine when I left. He doesn’t really need a bath-I just wanted him to go visit his buddies and realize that the car isn’t all about the Doc. His car and his rides are his favorite thing and he has been to the Doc 5 times in the last 6 weeks…no rides inbetween. He is either unable to get in the car and/or relates the car to the Doc. Rambling on and on…


    p.s. When are you gonna get your own blog? Or do you already have one and I missed it?

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