My New Year’s Not Resolutions


OK~I’ve been tagged again by my friend Free at We R Living Free. She created this meme and you can read about the New Year’s Resolution…Not! here.

What you do is list 7 New Year’s resolutions you are not going to do in 2008 year based on 2007’s results, then you simply tag THREE people to do the same (we’re only tagging three, cuz so many of us run in the same blog groups). You can tag TWO people that you know and ONE person based on the TAG SURFER (in your dashboard). That way you will be connecting with other bloggers with the same interest! Ready…set….NO GOAL YOURSELF!

1. I am NOT going to gain weight this year!


2. I am NOT going to stay up late on school nights!


3. I am NOT going to arrive at work “just in time”!


4. I am NOT going to raise my cholesterol!


5. I am NOT going to smoke after my 36th birthday!


6. I am NOT going to do my lesson plans on Monday morning!


7. I am NOT going to blog occassionally!



Tag! Your it!

  • Eve
  • The Millar’s Tale
  • Two Lazy Dogs
  • What are your New Year’s NOT Resolutions?

    3 Responses

    1. Happy New Year Meredith!

      Right back at ya! How is Bill? Patch seems better, but something is eating away at his ears…going to the vet on Wednesday~he won’t get in the car for some reason: can’t or connects it with the vet…this will be fun.

      p.s. your pic doesn’t link to your blog for some reason??


    2. Wooohooo good NOT goals!

      Happy New Year!

      Thank you, thank you very much-lol!

    3. Mine would pretty much mirror yours. Very funny.

      Thanks for stopping by! WOOF!

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