Pink Doing Green



Ok.  So I just got my Mary Kay order yesterday.  Well, instead of reading the boxes first, I just ripped right into the boxes…like Christmas.  Anywho,  There are white peanuts everywhere-instead of the normal brown paper packaging.  I’m like-“What the”?  I am digging around forever to make sure I get everything out of the box…Mary Kay often packages the little things loosely in the boxes. Then I read the second box and it says “For easier access to packaging list and product, open from bottom”.  Duh!  So I open the second box correctly and it is much easier to get to my stuff.  I just get too excited. 

So about the white peanut packaging~there is a green slip of paper describing the new packaging.  I probably already should know this stuff if I read my info closely…but it came as a surprise to me. 


Anywho-the green slip of paper says:

Pink Doing Green

Your order has been protected by new packaging material which is:

* Made from corn and potato starch-renewable resources

* Reusable

* 100% biodegradable-dispose of in your garbage, compost pile, or by dissolving in warm water (septic system safe)

*This packaging material is not a toy-keep out of reach of children and pets. (And I was gonna recycle it for art projects)

Mary Kay is striving to keep our planet healthy by using “bio-peanuts.”


At first-I didn’t like this-hard for me to change, but being in Mary Kay I should be used to change by now.  Since this is a good thing~biodegradable~I will like it now…even though it takes me longer to get to all of my stuff.  Anywho-if you haven’t seen the new “bio-peanuts”  and you are here: You have been warned-lol!


What are your thoughts on this?


5 Responses

  1. “Back in the day” (LOL) MK always had peanuts for packing orders and the product boxes stayed much nicer.

    When they went to the brown paper the product boxes started coming dented and smashed.

    It’s nice to know they are using bi-degradable packaging. Hope your shipping doesn’t go up. “Back in the day” a $400 order got you free ship.

    I have noticed a difference in my boxes~improvement. Shipping is now $8.75 per whatever total. Free ship~how sweet!

  2. You’ve been meme tagged – New Year’s style. Go read my blog to see the rules. 😀

    I’ve been wanting to start a new meme too…you go girl!

  3. Actually I think it’s YOUR turn to go girl. LOL


  4. GO MK!….So, I immediately went into song….”BLUE ON BLACK”…shows how random (& non-related to topic) my brain is!

    Woohoo! Jax is in the house~let the craziness begin!


  5. Hmmm…I just got a small order yesterday and it still had paper. Maybe the biodegradable peanuts are just for larger boxes? Either way, I’m used to peanuts. They had the styrofoam peanuts when I started MK. Changes changes! 😀

    I just wonder why the peanuts aren’t safe for pets or children…or does that mean just don’t let them eat the peanuts? The peanuts would be great for art projects in my Kindergarten class.

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