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This is my “Goodbye Post” to PT (PinkTruth).  I posted this on Friday, August 24, 2007~on PT.  It only stayed up for a brief moment.  Thank goodness we are so good at copying, pasting, and saving.  And-thank goodness for DUH! Thought I would post it here for my archives.

To all of my PT friends:  I’ve only been here about a month and a half and I’ve made quite a few good friends. I’ve really enjoyed my time here with everyone, especially my new friends—until the latest incidents that have occurred in the last few weeks-the bannings, people leaving, the public humiliations…then the way I was treated.  I just want my peeps to know that I will miss you and you know how to reach me, of course: (not my email anymore)

First of all-I never wanted to cause any trouble here on PT.  I came here to seek the truth, get answers, make friends, and speak my opinion.  Obviously speaking my opinion isn’t allowed here on PT.  The last few posts I have made I have been misunderstood, publicly mocked, or falsely accused.  I did nothing to deserve this. 
My last post on the thread about “Please read the Rules”, I asked a simple question about the rules being edited thinking Tracy might want to put the new last edited date on the rules.  I had just read the rules with a last edited date of May 2007 a few days before Tracy posted this thread. I did not appreciate her comment directed to me saying:

“Yes, Miss Peri. the rules have been revised.
Your copying of posts and sending them to trash sites for ridicule is not allowed. I suspect you knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but now it’s spelled out in the rules for you and everyone else. Thanks for your future compliance”

This is libel.  I never copied and pasted a thread on another site.  The only thing I have done is emailed a thread to a friend.  What she did with it – I don’t know.  Haven’t many of us here at PT copied and pasted info from UnitNet and other websites?  What about the pictures that are posted from Seminar?  Aren’t those copyrighted?   IMO-I thought that once something was on the internet it was free game. 

I feel that when someone asks a question that challenges Tracy, she deletes the thread.  She can’t handle the challenge so she deletes the thread.  Then she starts taking away privileges…If I don’t have any privileges, then why am I here?  This is how a bully works-someone challenges a bully and the bully can’t take the heat so he/she does whatever else he/she can do…in her case- deletes threads/posts and take away privileges.
I thought Tracy always said that we could ask her anything.  The last few times I have asked her anything I have been jumped on, ousted, deleted, publicly ridiculed and “grounded” (privileges taken away).  This doesn’t sound quite right to me. It actually sounds immature, silly, and downright childish to me.

Another good question I have wondered about -If certain people have been banned or deleted, then why does it still say “member”? LIES-LIES-LIES.  I came here for the truth and all I ended up with was a lot more childish-immature behavior, deceit and lies.  I didn’t ask for this-I am not a trouble maker.  I could understand this if I was trying to cause trouble.  But I don’t have time for trouble.

Because of these recent incidents that have occurred-that I sure did not see coming-I am requesting that my banning process be completed.  If I do not have regular privileges like everyone else-why am I here? Why start something and not finish it-let the banning finish-please. Tracy, please delete my account.

Miss Periwinkle  Purple

Do you have a “goodbye post” to PT or comments you would like to share?


3 Responses

  1. How fitting! If it weren’t for PT we never would have met!

    I just came here to tell you that I took you upon your encouragement. Visit the first post is dedicated to YOU! 🙂

    That is the ONE good thing about PT. Aaawwww~post dedicated to me-I’m touched. LYMI!

  2. Miss P Mercedes,
    that is totally right on. i never got to see your post on pt. it seems in an effort to escape our pit of pink vipers, we jumped right into the lion’s den! Actually werlivingfree has a point that we wouldn’t have met but for pt. and it was very healing for me to hear all your stories. i enjoyed it before i started getting censored and confronted by the queen!
    Thanks for linking to put in the code gomag to get 15% off! Happy New Year all!

    Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. Cool~a discount! I gotta get one one of these days! WOOF!

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