Patch Gets Sick


My 11 year old dalmatian, Patch, is sick. A few weeks ago he began this trembling/shaking thing. This can be a sign of pain. So last Monday we took him to the vet and Doc said he has arthritis/pinched nerve in his back. His nose had been bleeding too-I just thought he was arranging his bed with his nose and that was why it was bleeding. Anywho-the Doc gave him a shot for his pain and prescribed 1 ibuprofen a day. Well Monday night and Tuesday his nose began bleeding more. By Wednesday-he was sneezing violently causing his nose to bleed more and also spewing it everywhere. (Thank goodness doggy blood comes out easy) Thursday morning he went to the vet and saw Doc’s daughter who is also a veterinarian (Doc was off on Thursday). She said there might be something lodged in his nose…maybe grass seed. She gave him some meds for his nose and said try this first because Patch won’t like what they might have to do to him. While Patch was at the vet I was researching “Why do dog noses bleed?”? I found out that it could be caused by an obstruction or possibly a tumor. Doc’s daughter also said it might be a tumor and he might have to come back for X-rays. I called Patch’s vet Friday and asked Doc what to do because I worried about him having trouble over the weekend. He told me to tough it out if I could and continue the meds and call Monday. He was very nice about it and knew I was worried-he asked me three times would I be able to handle it through the weekend and let’s see how the powerful meds work. He also said I could give Patch 2 ibuprofen a day. He isn’t better and now I have found sores on his feet-where the bones come out like an ankle…He has already had staph. He is so miserable right now. I am too.


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  1. Hi there,

    I think you need a second opinion. Perhaps a specialist. A pinched nerve shouldn’t cause nose bleeds. It sounds like your vet isn’t really sure what’s wrong.

    Do you live in the country? Does he spend a lot of time outside in the yard? I’d check for bites. The sores and nose bleeds might be related to an insect bite.

    Sorry your dog isn’t feeling well.

    Hi midgiesmom! I am not sure if everything is related or if he has separate health problems going on at the same time. I too believe the shaking could be related to his nose bleeding. Patch used to be an outside dog but he has been inside for a year and a half-except for walks and car rides (two a day-he’s spoiled). I told Patch that he had to go to the dreaded Vet tomorrow and if I didn’t like the results we would be going to get a second opinion. I feel like his age is showing right now. Thanks for your concern and for stopping by!

  2. Awwww what a sweetie. I hope his tests give you something to work with (like dry air is causing his bloody nose – ya know an EASY fix!!!).

    I’ll say extra doggy prayers for Patch.

    Can Patch still hear? A lot of dalmations go deaf don’t they?

    I too hope it is something simple. Yes he can hear-and he is a talker too. I had a full-blooded dalmatian (that could hear too) that disappeared and while searching for him I acquired Patch (another post sometime). The vet said he was a mixed breed with bird dog in him. I don’t really know-he looks like a dalmatian and fits the description-minus the deafness and craziness some describe. I need to video tape him talking with me-it’s too cute. I gotta quit thinking about his nose bleeds-I am researching and now I am really sad. I have a sick feeling in my stomach-STOP IT-HE’S FINE!!!!!


  3. Poor Patch!

    I hope he is feeling better very soon! When our dog first became sick, he was also shaking; after doing a little bit of research and confirming with my vet, it seems that most dog shaking is either because of pain or nerves.

    Hopefully, Patch doesn’t have anything that some medication, love and snuggling can’t fix!

    I am hoping with you!

  4. Oh Mercedes, I hope he is better. Hopefully it is not anything that cannot be fixed. He is such a cute dog.
    It really hurts, our dogs are like family and we can not help but worry.
    Sending up some prayers for you.

    Thank you, Angie! Yeah, Patch is my child! WOOF!

  5. I’m sorry about your doggy, Mercedes! 😥 Thanks for posting the pictures and reaching out for support. I hope he is feeling better this week.

    Thank you for your concern!

  6. Update: Patch went to the vet this morning at 8:30. I called Jedd at 9:30 to get the update and he said that Patch had to stay at the vet. Patch also has fatty tumors that are usually not any problem-just have to keep an eye on them. Well Doc said the one in his neck has grown to the size of a golfball. He has to have X-rays, tests on the fatty tumor (needle), blood work, and a scope in his nose. He will have to be put to sleep. Hopefully we will know more this afternoon. Just waiting on the call from Doc. Please continue praying for him-I would greatly appreciate it!


  7. Oh my goodness…

    I will be checking back to see how things turn out for Patch today!

    At least he is there with the vet and being checked out now.

    Thanks! WOOF!

  8. I hope Patch comes through alright. I will check back for an update. My prayers are with you.

    Thank you!

  9. Poor pupkins! It is so hard when they are sick because you just want to make em better and they can’t tell you whats wrong. I hate it when my doggis is under the weather.

    You said it! WOOF!

  10. Any news Mer?

    Did you read my post earlier #8?

    Patch came home at 2:30. I called Jedd and he said it doesn’t look good. Then he said we have to wait for the results-don’t know why he said that??? He mentioned a mass in his neck-not sure if he meant another mass or the fatty tumor. Doc gave him prednisone and I should find out about his test results in the next day or two. They better have some answers after $289 worth of tests-lol.

  11. Hi, I clicked on the myst, then on this link. Now I realize I had read about your dog being ill on MKRules. So sorry! I love dogs and dalmations are sweethearts. I’ll say a special prayer for your precious sweetie. Hope he comes through ok. Bless Patch and you.

    Hey Pink Biz-Thanks for stopping by! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers too! I went to your site-looks great…have to read more about your inspirational posts this evening!


  12. A bunch of Prayers coming your way…

    Patch is such a darling!

    Thank you for your prayers and the compliment! WOOF!

  13. Hi Mercedes!
    We had to wait about a week for results, I think. The Prednisone shrank the tumors almost overnight. It will make Patch very thirsty, hungry, and he will have to pee a lot!
    Glad he is back home…

    I gave him a prednisone yesterday morning and he seemed so much better yesterday. My Dad said he didn’t shake all day. Not much blood yesterday either. He is still having difficulty getting around-possibly the arthritis/pinched nerve?? Still nt sure if he has various health issues going on or if it’s all related. WOW-a week? I was hoping to get a call today-hopefully. Again thanks for your support!

  14. So sorry to hear about your dog’s ordeal. I hope he makes a full recovery. It’s so hard when they are sick. I hope the meds are helping with his pain.

    Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your support too. I believe the meds are helping now-we took him off ibuprofen and he’s on prednisone now along with his antibiotic. Waiting…

  15. Thanks for the updates Mer. He’s on as many pills as I am. LOL

    Tell Patch to come on over any time. I miss having a dog.

    It’s funny-when he isn’t on any meds, I can take my meds and he comes running to the kitchen when he hears the pill bottles open. Not that he likes meds-he just loves the cheese or bread they are wrapped in. You should get you a doggy.


  16. Mer,

    SO sorry to read that he’s not feeling well. It’s amazing how these innocent creatures wrap themselves around our hearts.

    Best wishes,

    Thanks pppj! Good to have you here. You are right-Patch is my heart! I have done some more researching and found something else that fits all of his ailments: blastomycosis. If I am correct and we have caught it in time-it will just take treatment (expensive but worth it-and better than what it could be). Still waiting, hoping, and praying…


  17. I do hope that you have caught it in time, if there is an “it” to be caught.

    We are taking a break from having dogs. We’ve had dogs for 14 years. I hate to say it, but I don’t miss the hair. I DO miss the dog, just not the hair. We have 2 cats that don’t shed horrible, that’s plenty of hair for me right now.

    The neighbor dog comes down and visits me during the day. That is a good thing. A borrowed dog. 🙂 I’m his daytime squeeze. 😉

    I hope so too! *daytime squeeze* ROFL! WOOF!

  18. Poor Patch! We have no pets at present (the husband has cat and dog allergies). Your pain is the price of love. I hope you and your beloved pooch are doing much better this weekend.

    Thank You! Me too!

  19. Hey guys. I have some bad news. The histo/blasto test came back negative. The thing in his nose is a tumor…(being told this on the phone while driving). Doc said he wanted Patch to come in Monday so he could biopopsy the sores all over him and bioposy the growth on the lymph node. This will tell us more and can tell us what stage the cancer is in. Surgery in the nose is really not an option (due to Patch’s age…). I was on my way home when I found this out so I have been crying and visiting Patch. I also fell asleep with him-good for me-calmed me down. Just now got up. I hope to find out more at the beginning of the week-such as what stage this is in. I will also be discussing with others this weekend: second opinion??
    Thanks to EVERYONE for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to do this for Patch and his quality of life in the future.


  20. I wish I could comfort your heart. I know you are hurting. Patch is a member of your family. Just know you are being lifted up in prayer.

    Thank you so much, Angie!

  21. Oh no…

    I am so sorry to hear that it is a tumor. I will keep praying for him. The best advice I can give is to keep your routines as normal as possible. I was hysterical for the first week, and I have no doubt that the dogs were just as upset because of it.

    Try not to let on that anything is wrong, as hard as that may be. Patch will thank you for it! 😉

    So sorry to hear the news…

    Thank you for your continuing prayers too-and I will be taking your advice-keeping my sad emotions hidden from Patch.

  22. Thanks to everyone that have been praying for Patch-please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!


  23. I’m sorry Mer. 😦

    Thank You! LYMI! WOOF!

  24. We’ll be saying a little doggy prayer for Patch AND for you.


    Thank you so much!

  25. Sorry about Patch. How is he today?

    Gina~We went to get Patch yesterday at 3:15. He was so ready to go. He was running out of there-talking away-too cute. Doc had to shave part of his shoulder/neck area and make an incision to do a biopsy. He also had a bandage on his foot. Of course-we have to do the waiting game again. Hopefully we will find out these results before Christmas. Doc gave him more prednisone-one a day. Thank you for your concern. Waiting…


  26. Mercedes honey, no! I am so sorry to hear this; of course you and Patch will be in our prayers!

    Fingers and paws are crossed for the best possible outcome…

    Thanks so much Curious and Missy! This morning Patch got off his bed and must have scraped a sore-he had a trail of blood following him. He was shaking too-I gave him a prednisone and before I left he had stopped shaking. Grandpa (my dad-Patch is his granddog-child) came over to stay with him today. He says he has been doing fine and loves to go outside-but Grandpa can only handle the cold for so long-lol!

  27. Mere, Hang in there. At least you have patch and he adores you and you him. It is never easy when we have pets. Maggie will say a puppy prayer!

    Thanks HH and Maggie! WOOF!

  28. Oh wow, thinking of you guys and hoping he gets better soon! That is taxing on him & you guys!

    Thanks! Much Appreciated! WOOF!

  29. Hi Margret!

    He is taking 20mg twice a day. He has more tumors behind his knees, now.

    The last week has been pretty bad. He is rapidly losing weight, and I am not sure how much longer he can hang on. He’s still acting a if he feels fine (playing, eating, drinking), but he doesn’t look fine.

    I think we are at the end of the road, and I can’t stand it. I didn’t want to come home from shopping yesterday, because every time I look at him I cry.

    Too hard.

    I hope Patch is hanging in there!! Keep me posted.

    Bless You! My thoughts and prayers headed your way! Thank You! WOOF!

  30. Just wanted to check in and see how your doggie is doing. I hope he has something treatable and gets well. Thinking of you!

    Thanks so much! WOOF!

  31. How’s Patch doing today?

    Updating now…

  32. Hey shadesofpink and Curious/Missy, along with guest cats Tasha and Noel

    Patch seems to be getting worse. He has sores that are on his feet and the incision on his neck has a new sore near it that is oozing. He is still sneezing with the blood too. He has a hard time lying down and walking up and down steps. He can’t get in the car-his favorite thing-riding. He also can’t get on any of his beds or couches. I make sure someone is with him at all times. He is taking 20 mg of prednisone a day and the doc called in tramadol for him too-for the pain.

    Waiting for a call from the Doc with results. I will be calling the Doc soon if I don’t hear from him just to ask more questions-even if the results aren’t in.

    Thank you guys for caring. This is really hard-especially during the Holidays.


  33. Patch seems better today. He actually jumped on his bed (grandpa’s bed) last night~up and down a few times. He slep on his bed all night. The incision is oozing-looks like a new sore. I talked to Doc last night and the sores are not cancerous~just don’t know what they are?? The tumor in his neck is not cancerous either and still waiting on another test result on it. Of course the tumor in his nose: can’t really biopsy it-difficult and shouldn’t put Patch through it. He did have a major accident-diarrhea-in the house. We hope it is related to the canned dog food we had been giving him-stopped that for now to see if he gets better. Doc says he will be in and out at the vet and will call me to let me know any new test results and also told me to call him at home if necessary. Just wish we could pinpoint this problem.


  34. Pleased to hear that Patch is doing better today. Will keep praying for his continued recovery!

    Curious and the whole kitty gang (leaving Tasha and Noel today to go visit other cats…and dogs too!)

    Thank You! Have fun on your trip! WOOF!

  35. YAY for patch!

    Kitty hugs from crabby Clarabella and Abendigo.

    Thanks! Clarabella and Abendigo~thanks for your kitty hugs-aaaaachooooo! Bless Me-lol!

  36. Patch seems alot better~stopped the yuck canned food and switched to some good stuff-he likes. Poop is hardening up-yeah! The only thing is he keeps licking his wounds and he can even reach the one on his shoulder-I believe he is preventing the wounds from healing. I believe he needs a “doggy lampshade” or an alternative to that. Waiting on the Doc to call me with the last test result and so I can ask him MORE questions. He has been sleeping on his (grandpa’s) bed-great sign! Still sneezing with bloody nose-I so wish we could biopsy that-but too difficult at his age. His birthday is coming up: January 1st-that is when he will be officially (the birthday I gave him after acquiring him)11 years old.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

  37. Glad he seems better and the poopy problem has cleared.

    Sorry about the nose issue that keeps hangin in there. 😦

    Early birthday wishes patch! I always give my animals birthdays too. LOL

    Crabby Clarabella September 15, 2000
    Abendigo June 12, 2004

    Thanks chicadee! LYMI!

  38. Hang in there, Mere! I am happy to hear Patch is showing some improvement. My dog’s b-day is January 13–he’ll be 2. Still just a pup. Would you believe he was born on Friday the 13th? If you met him, you’d see that’s quite fitting. He’s a chocolate lab, btw.

    Hope you had a great Christmas. I’m glad Patch was able to enjoy it with you. 🙂

    Thank You! I am so glad Patch was here for Christmas too! WOOF!

  39. Hi Meredith! I hope you had a nice Christmas!

    How is Patch doing? Are his sores getting any better? Bill is not doing very well. He is very lethargic and thin. He does jump up if we say “treats,” though! He has a sore on his butt that it getting better, and one on his shoulder, too…I wonder if they are related to what Patch has? I figured it was from sitting and lying down on the wood floor with a bony butt, since he is so thin. I’m not sure. I am having a really hard time watching him get worse. This is just horrible. His brother is not eating much, either. I just don’t think he can figure this out. 😦

    I hope Patch is doing well~

    Take care…

    Christmas was great this year~Patch was with us! Patch still has the sores-?? Poor Bill…and his brother! 😦 Honey, I’m so sorry that you are going through this! Sending doggy hugs and prayers your way! WOOF!

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