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This post is formerly known as Boobie Massage

I am finally posting my story about my ultrasound on both of my breasts. This is the update to my Nervous post. I went to the hospital on Friday, September 21, 2007 to have my ultrasound. We were out of school for Fair day. My appointment was at 9:00 and they did not get to me until 10:00. This isn’t good for my nerves if you no me at all. I know, there is nothing to be nervous about…I just have this thing about waiting. I need to get me a laptop and I can just blog and wait-note to self.

So the ultrasound technician comes to get me and coincidentally I know her-this is a good thing. She asks me why I am having an ultrasound and not a diagnostic mammogram? Same questions that others have asked me too. I start to tell her the story about my screening mammogram and the whole confusion with my not so professional doctor-See Nervous Post. She continues to try to explain to me that I should have had the diagnostic mammagram first then an ultrasound if necessary. I explain to her what my letter said and that I just called my doctor and scheduled the ultrasound. In all reality the doctor should have looked at my files and read the letter from the Breast Center and realized that this is what it stated…not let me be the one to do the “referring”. The ultrasound technician showed me the letter in my file-which was the same as mine- and explained it to me again. We continued with the ultrasound since it had already been scheduled.

After my boobie massage, I had to go to my doctor’s office to have blood taken for bloodwork.

Dr. Stupid was there and asks, ” How are you”?

I replied, ” I’m ok. I’d be better if you would return my phone calls though”. (Kill them with sarastic kindness and catch them in front of people-teeheehee)

Dr. Stupid says, “Well, you need to leave me a message…”

I say, ” Uh-I did-three messages on Wednesday, and one on Thursday morning..” (IN YOUR FACE DR. STUPID!)

Anywho, Dr. Stupid immediately asks me what I needed. I told him that Miss Nurse took care of me but I did have a question now about my ultrasound….I think I was supposed to have a dianostic mammogram first, then an ultrasound. Dr. Stupid gets my file out and looks at it as I discuss the past events of my reading of the initial letter, my previous phone calls, my ultrasound, and my discussion with Miss Ultrasound Technician…along with “this was my day off and I could have done both today-yada-yada”.

Dr. Stupid picks up the phone to call Dr. Someone at the hospital and they discuss the situation. I am trying to tell him that I don’t want to go back that day for another test, but I can go the first week of October-I was very tired because I had already taken two anxiety pills. To make a long story shorter-hehe-We (Me and Miss Ultrasound Technician (thank you)) were right and Dr. Stupid was wrong-AGAIN! So he scheduled my diagnostic mammogram for Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 9:40 a.m. – oh ya-that’s today-by the way.

I am off to get my boobie smooshed-really hard. Buh Bye!


3 Responses

  1. Tests can be such a pain – and doctors aren’t much better. Doctors really need to work more on their bedside manner and learn how to communicate better and be more personable with their patients. It has taken me almost 20 years of being sick to find a good doctor who listens and cares. Best of luck to you!

    Bless You! Yes, doctors do need to work on their bedside manner! Thanks!

  2. Mere,

    Whats important is that you are getting the right tests. When it comes to cancer whether it is breast, ovarian, uterine, skin cancer, it doesn’t matter just do the regular check-ups and routines! When I get my routine mammo, I tell the tech squish em until the are pancakes, whats 2 minutes of ouch compared to breast CA.

    Docs sometimes lose sight of their patients and what their needs are. Not condoning it but working for a doc I can see how it happens. The average doc is run off their feet with an overload of patients, but that being said sometimes they run out of the compassion quotient.

    When I go to the doc I always limit my visit to one problem, this way he can address it thoroughly. When I worked for a GP we would get people come in and they would show up with their 10 kids in tow and want the kids to be seen at the same time, this doesn’t work when you book 15 minutes and its not good medical care. Anyway your Dr. Stupid needs a smack upside the head and you probably should find a new doc, one that has a vested interest in your health.

    Cool blog by the way!

    So here’s to our Boobs! Don’t be shy feel your boobs!!!!!

    Hey HH! Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your input on the situation! Feeling boobs now-lol!

  3. I just love that cartoon. I sent it to my Mom who I know will appreciate it. I hope all went well with the tests. I will try to read and catch up on the news, but for now I must go back to work.

    Hugs! Krysti

    Hey Krysti-I haven’t been on here in awhile. Whew-this school year is the testing year for my career-lol. My tests came back ok-yippee! How is your Mom doing? Sending support and hugs your way-to all! Going to check out your place for any updates.

    Type to ya later gator!

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