Moon Climber


Oh-I feel so bad. Yesterday, at recess, one of my students fell off of the Moon Climber-monkey bars. I rush over to help Injured Student. I ask him if he can crawl out to me because it will be much easier for me to help him if he can come to me than for me to try to crawl in the Moon Climber, get him, and get both of us out of there-together…that would not be a pretty picture. Luckily he was able to come to me AND luckily he was the smallest student in the class, so I was able to carry him over to the table to check him out.

I held Injured Student and comforted him until he calmed down a bit and we could talk about the accident. His body was trembling and I was a little worried. He said he had fallen on his right arm and showed me where it hurt. His mother is an employee at the school, but she had already left for the day. His older brother happened to be on the playground at the same time we were. I asked Older Brother to take Injured Student inside to Mrs. Secretary to see what she thought. She gave Injured Student some ice and let him stay in the office with her.

The rest of the class and I came in shortly after to eat snack and get on mats for rest time. I assumed Mrs. Secretary would be calling Injured Student’s mother. A few minutes later, Mrs. Secretary brings Injured Student back to the class and said, “He is fine. I can’t have him whining in the office. He has been moving around fine.”

Injured Student said he had to go to the restroom and that he didn’t want snack. he usually plays around for about ten minutes before he goes to sleep. He got on his mat and was asleep in one minute. While he was asleep, I wrote his mother a note telling her about the incident. When it was time to get up, I went to wake him up. He woke up crying. Right then I knew he was really in pain. I had a suspicious feeling that his arm was broke. I immediately added to the note that he woke up crying and that she might need to get his arm checked out. I also gave her my number and asked her to call me if she needed to.

Ok-So this morning, I walk into school and go to the gym to pick up my class and what is the very first thing I see? Injured Student with a cast on his arm. Tears came to my eyes. Mom was there too, so I talked to her about it. I apologized about the whole situation. She said she was very upset at first-Injured Student is her baby and she should have been there to hold him and comfort him. I continued to apologize to her every time I saw her throughout the day. She later told me that she was more upset with Mrs. Secretary. I did what I should have done and I had assumed that Mrs. Secretary was calling Mom. But Mrs. Secretary didn’t call mom.

I believe that everything is ok now, but I still feel horrible about the whole situation. I feel that I should have just called Mom myself. But sometimes you just aren’t sure if childrens’ cries are real or for attention. Sometimes you don’t want to step on Mrs. Secretary’s toes (You never want to tick off Mrs. Secretary or the custodians-they can easily make your life miserable). Sometimes a teacher’s judgement call can be the wrong one.

What an exciting two days-My first broken bone at school-on the playground…and I only had to wait seven years…thank goodness.


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  1. You should not feel horrible, you had a class full of students and you did the right thing sending Injured Student to Mrs. Secretary in the office with his brother. You very well couldn’t have left the children unattended outside and taking your whole class to the office would have been more trouble. I am surprised Mrs. Secretary didn’t call Mom right away, particularly since Mom is a co-worker. Our local school policy is to call whenever a child visits the office/clinic, with the exceptions of scratches/paper cuts, and the like, that just need a band aid. They call parents and then make a decision with the parents, always.

    In your case, you may have felt better if you had called to follow-up with Injured Student and Mom that evening. I know you sent a note, but a follow-up call would have saved you the surprise the next morning. You could make it a policy of your own to do that in the future. And you can always err on the side of caution. Better to have Mrs. Secretary mad at you for a bit then to have Injured Student’s Mom mad at you! 🙂

    Here’s to no more monkey bar falls! Those things are dangerous. I lost my 2 front teeth on one when I was 4.

    Thanks for your suggestions! I have never liked monkey bars, even as a child! Bless You!

  2. I can totally understand your feelings about your injured student. I’d be furious at that secretary if I were you or the child’s mom. That was an incredibly irresponsible thing for her to do by just dropping the child back in your overworked lap. It would have taken a five minute call for the secretary to inform Mom what had happened. You did everything right and that secretary should consider herself darn lucky the child didn’t have something more serious like a concusion. Keep up the good work fellow teacher!

    Thanks lovesleftovers-I totally agree. Mom is still upset with Mrs. Secretary and she is upset with Dr. Principal too. She voiced her concerns to him stating that she should have been called and he said, “Well, we don’t have x-ray vision”. She didn’t appreciate his humor at all

  3. Oh my, is Mrs. Secretary ready for retirement?
    At the school where I teach we are fortunate enough to have health care workers 4 days a week. A school nurse is in the building every Thurs. and every other Fri. and to be quite honest, the health care workers are the best at ‘going with their gut’and calling home as necessary. Once last year I had the nurse say, “He’s not running a temp.” and then the poor kid returns to my classroom and upchucks all over his desk and his tablemate’s. Our secretaries are quite overworked but if the injury involves a kindergartener they usually have more sympathy.

    teresa-we only have a few nurses for the whole school system. Some schools have a full time nurse at their school. We do not. We are the smallest school in our county and we get treated like peons-IMO. If we need a nurse we can call the central office to summon one. Last year a nurse came by once a week-only because she had to give a student allergy shots. Yes-we need a nurse! We also need a speech teacher, an OT person, a PT person, a teacher’s aid, …

    Thanks for stopping by. Check out my “Out of the Mouths of Babes”. I added something to this story over there.

    Later gator,

  4. Dr. Principal sounds quite insensitive. I hope Mom really lets him and Mrs. Secretary have it!

    I have been extremely lucky to live in areas where the schools systems have just about everything you can think of. Also in our particular town, there are Mom volunteers everywhere! There is never a shortage of help which makes us extremely lucky. 🙂 Good luck to you and to Injured Student. I hope he/she heals quickly!

    LOL! Ooohh I wish our system had more help! Thanks!

  5. You should so not feel bad. Here’s what happened to me, and it was with my own son:

    Baby boy fell out of my bed in the middle of the night, at about 14 months. At that time, I usually slept so lightly that any move he made woke me up. But not tonight. What woke me up was a thud and a cry. He seemed very shaken up, but everything seemed to be moving all right. I checked every single body part – except his wrists. I calmed him down after a while, and he went back to sleep.

    The next day, he seemed fine, except when I went to wipe his hands with a baby wipe after he played outside, He whined a bit, but he always does when I try to cleam him. He’s a boy. I thought nothing of it.

    The next day, he seemed a little out of sorts in the morning. Mid-morning, I got a call that he seemed to be favoring his wrist when he would get up. I took him to urgent care. They told me it was a psrain at worst. I went home.

    The next day, day 3 after the fall, I picked him up after work and learned tht he wouldn’t use that arm at all, and cried if anything touched it. We went ot the hospital. Sure enough, greenstick fracture. I didn’t get the “usual” third degree about the accident, but after seeing the x-ray, the doc did ask if I would feel like a terrible mother if it turned out to be broken. I flatly told him no, because I did everything I could for my son. And I was right When it turned out to be broken, I knew I had done everything I felt was right, based on Baby Boy’s reactions at the time.

    So, that’s a long story, just to say that you did the best you could with the information you had. He fell, was comforted, took a nap, woke up in pain, you told him Mom, she had him checked out. Unless it was very obvious, you had no way to know whether it was broken. I think your judgment was right under the circumstances.

    Luckily this accident happened at the end of the day. If it had been any other student (well except for 3) it might have been a little different. This child’s mom works at the school and had just left the school. I know that probably shows discrimination…but if I were the decision maker I would think these things through…having to deal with parents all year long.

    I am ok with everything now. Had I had mom’s number programmed in my phone at the time, I would have just called her myself. Mom is ok with me-thankgoodness.

    My cousin went for a week with broken arm before they realized it was broken. My aunt was like “What a horrible mother I am”. LOL

  6. Hey this story could have been my story.

    Flashback to 1976 and I was in kinder. I fell off those darn monkey bars and complained to the teacher, but I was afraid of her (good ole catholic education). The secretary told me to ice it and buck up. Jesus had to go through worse. Seriously. So, I stayed in school all day, and when I got home I wanted to sit in my mom’s lap. That’s when she knew something was wrong so off to the dr. we went and it was a sprain.

    Did my mom complain to the teacher? Nope. Did she complain about the Jesus comment? Nope. She just told me if I am ever hurt again to run into the principal’s office and demand to use the phone. We practiced it.

    You did well – you comforted the injured one.


    PPPJ~Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share any of your childrens anecdotes on the “Childrens Anecdotes” page or anything funny they say on the “Out of the Mouths of Babes” page. I am about to really get rolling on this blog-I have figured out some things I want to do with it-basically an archive of my thoughts and lists…I am good at lists…


  7. My friend’s daughter hurt her arm during volleyball. They iced it up and she went home.

    My friend looked her arm over and thought for sure it wasn’t broken. Two days later it’s still hurting and swollen. She conceded to take her to the doctor and found out it was broken. She was like “yeah they’ll be sending me the mother of the year award any time now”.

    We can laugh now (10 years later) but at the time she felt horrible.

    It happens with our own kids Mer. You DID GOOD!

    I could only hope that if something like that happened to my child, that he would have a teacher as kind as you.

    *sniff* Thank You! LYMI!

  8. Sorry about that! You’re added on my blogroll.

    Thanks for stoppin by. 🙂

    You’re so crazy! Thank you so much-you just gave me an idea too…Rules…

    Me lurves you…going to find you…

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