NEW knees-Finally!


My grandfather finally had double knee replacement surgery Wednesday, August 29, 2007. He was supposed to have this done last April, but some health issues arose that prevented him from having the surgery then.

I will give you a little background history on my grandfather so you will know who I am talking about. His name is Richard. He is not related to me by blood, but he is the only grandfather I know-so he IS my grandfather. My father’s father died when my father was a child. My mother’s father just passed away this year. I never knew him. My mother only met him a few times. Richard married my grandmother when my mother was very young. He raised my mother as his own. She calls him Dad. I have always called him Richard-even though I consider him my grandfather. I’m not really sure why I have always called him Richard-I guess I was taught that as a child. Anywho-if I say Richard-I am talking about Grandpa-my grandfather.

Ok-back to the surgery. Richard went in at 1:30 p.m. and he got out about 5:30ish p.m. Surgery went well. On Friday, Doctors noticed Richard had a urinary tract infection-on of the health issues that postponed this surgery the last time. They put him on meds and he also had to have a blood transfusion-two pints. Friday night, Richard ran a fever and also was sick. He had to have another blood transfusion on Saturday-two more pints. Whew. We were figuring he wouldn’t be able to transfer to the Rehabilitation facility until Monday or Tuesday.

Sunday morning: Richard gets to come home. Yeah! I’m not ready yet-hehe. I gotta go get some welcome back/get well balloons and some UT Orange to spruce his room up a bit-even though we lost. But our blood bleeds orange-no matter what. Well-he didn’t even get here until 6:00 p.m.


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  1. I’ve missed ya girlfriend! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll – that rocks!

    Love ya!

    You Rock! LYMI!

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